Sibenik Archipelago sea kayaking tour in Croatia

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

A multiday tour doesn't get much more non-invasive than this! Carbon-free, noise-pollution free and waste-free - sea kayaking is the lowest impact way to explore the coastline. On this tour we cover about 20 kilometers per day and visit 4 major islands in the Sibenik archipelago - all by kayak. And not just any kayak, but a recycled one! We use high quality Prijon Kayaks which are manufactured with a high priority on sustainability and follow strict environmental policies. By using kayaks we are able to reach all points of interest without leaving a carbon footprint. Kayaks do not cause any form of air or water pollution and they do not produce noise that could be disturbing for marine life. Unlike visiting the same places on a motorized vessel, you will be granted access almost anywhere you wish to explore and if you are lucky enough to encounter a pod of dolphins or a loggerhead turtle on your trip, it will surely be a much more intimate experience. Throughout this tour you rely solely on your own physical strength and endurance as you paddle through the open sea and explore the islands' beaches and coves. Your effort is rewarded by the opportunity to get a glimpse of authentic island-life and marine wildlife uninterrupted by your presence.
As on all our trips, we practice a “leave no trace” policy which means that whatever we pack must come back with us. This is especially important on uninhabited islands and reefs which don’t have a waste disposal system in place. On islands which do have a waste disposal system in place we encourage our clients to recycle using separate waste disposal bins at their accommodation or in certain locations in villages. We also practice a “take nothing but memories” policy by urging clients not to take anything from the environments we visit. Our guides are trained to be conscious of their environment and they offer a wealth of knowledge on how to minimize the potential negative impact to the environment. Guides remind our clients to carry reusable water bottles, to pick up bits of garbage they encounter along the way and never throw anything overboard while kayaking. Not only do we not damage the environments we visit, but we also try to leave them in a better condition.

The Impacts of this Trip

The only fuel you need on this trip is fantastic local food and wine! We encourage our clients to replenish their energy with local food and wine and to support local businesses. Among the basic information we give clients on local customs and other practical information, we also teach clients on how they can make a difference to the island communities. Some of the islands we visit on this tour are decades behind the rest of the country in development. A lack of infrastructure in an increasingly quickly modernizing world has caused a long and steady exodus of the islands' residents throughout history. This has resulted in a small number of, often elderly, permanent residents and a further decrease in ambition to make the islands more 'livable'. For most residents - whether its accommodation rental, a restaurant or a souvenir shop - what they earn in the few short months of the tourist season is what they will need to live on for the rest of the year. Therefore, we use only locally owned accommodation and restaurants which employ local people and have local purchasing, thus supporting the whole island community. We have formed great partner-like relationships with businesses and we can vouch for the quality of their services to our clients. It is a symbiotic relationship which has provided small communities with more business and our clients with the best possible services. Because we bring over groups of maximum 16 people per week, small businesses can cater for the needs of our clients focusing on quality instead of quantity, keeping the process sustainable.


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