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Italy inspires awestruck sayings more than perhaps any country in Europe: 'All roads lead to Rome'; 'See Naples and die' (referring to its intoxicatin...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


The Amalfi Coast and the Bay of Naples are exceptionally beautiful and unique environments and preserving these natural wonders whilst contributing to the local communities is of utmost importance to our business. Where possible, our excursions are made on foot and in cases when motorised transport is necessary to cover greater distances or reach remote locations, we use the minimum number of vehicles possible, either through car-sharing schemes using local transport or the use of low-emission rental vehicles or people-carriers.

In 1997 The Amalfi Coast was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and since then strict criteria for future sustainability has been introduced to the region, with a particular focus on tourism control and protection for the area’s ancient marine and agricultural heritage as well as its unique architecture. As a company we endeavour to support this criteria; locations are carefully selected, local and smaller businesses supported and group sizes are controlled to limit any potential environmental impact.

As a company, we are very aware of the impact that plastic has on the environment and aim to minimise our use of single-use plastics in all aspects of our holidays.

Wherever possible our work is conducted electronically: we are totally web-based company and our paper use is minimal.
All of our service suppliers are informed of our responsible travel policy which is clearly visible on our website.

Guests are encouraged to travel responsibly and we invite you to consider the following guidelines:

• When out in wild places we encourage you to keep erosion to a minimum, keep to footpaths and avoid stepping on or picking native flora.

• We encourage you to use avoid buying plastic bottles of water and use your own metal or heavy-duty plastic bottle (well-known brands include Nalgene but cheaper versions are available) to refill with water from a safe source; there are many water fountains in the region, many being fed by aqueducts that have been in use since ancient Roman times.

• Shop and eat local so that money directly benefits the community; the local handicrafts and food are truly wonderful.

• Respect local customs religion and traditions and adhere to local dress codes where appropriate.

• Carry out some research about your holiday destination; being able to speak a few words of Italian is always appreciated by the local people.

• Don’t take photographs of local people and places of religious significance without permission.

• Keep promises! Send copies of photos to local people if this is what you have said you will do.


Knowing that tourism is an important source of income for the areas that we visit, our holiday visits places that are less frequented by tourists, avoiding the creation of “honey-pots” that can damage the environment, benefit few and erode community heritage. In addition, our workshop itinerary visits the region out of high season when visitor numbers are lower and our economic contribution is especially welcome.

We collaborate closely with local businesses and partners who have been carefully selected for their shared respect of our sustainable ethos and environmental values.

Our accommodation is provided by small, local, family-run hotels. We use local guides who are experts in the area.

As in many mountainous regions, farming is an integral part of traditional life and many local providers continue to grow and process local produce according to traditional methods. Where possible, food and drink are sourced locally from these producers, contributing to the sustainability of the local farming industry while keeping food miles to a minimum.

The Amalfi Coast enjoys an excellent culinary reputation and recently there has been a pronounced movement back towards locally sourced produce. We will visit a family restaurant in the mountains and be treated to a traditional meal.

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