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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Recycling Timber for Piggeries
Local people are the beneficiaries in the small-scale building programs that are undertaken to improve people’s lives and this tour shows you that in abundance.

The piggeries are built from discarded timber from building sites. Under an agreement with various builders, the locals collect discarded timber from constructions going on. This is then used again to build the piggeries for the grandmas. So, it is a great way to re-use old timber.

Eliminating Contamination of Ground Water Supplies
It is estimated that 60% of all hospital admissions in Kenya are the result air and water borne diseases which are a consequence of poor sanitation practices. And when you combine the incidence of typical childhood illnesses, life for children can be quite miserable.

Environment and People Becoming Healthier
On this tour you will see how the local community has implemented new hygiene standards supported by the supply of fresh, clean water and flush toilets. In the communities you visit, the incidence of childhood illnesses has been reduced by 90% by basic infrastructure is in place.

And with basic infrastructure (water tanks, supply of fresh water, biogas systems) which are reducing polluting ground water supplies, the environment and ground water supplies are being cleansed. This is important in a society that often resorts to sourcing water from open drains

The Impacts of this Trip

The basis of this tour is that guests must be able to interact and connect with the locals, to be able to ask questions and to answer questions from their hosts. And in doing so to see and understand the initiatives that are improving community and environmental health.

Your Guides are Local Community Members
The experience on this tour is in meeting and engaging with local communities as they go about their everyday life. Your guide and hosts are local community members who earn part of their income from acting as guides. They know their communities intimately and can answer all questions and give you intimate insight into how the community works, its traditions and challenges. It is akin to meeting up with your neighbors, sitting down and discussing all manner of things and supporting each other over a cup of tea. It is this one-on-one interaction which will probably leave your inspired and which really puts life and priorities in perspective. An education in all things Kenyan.

Showing How Communities Are Working Together
Each of the communities you visit are linked and you will see firsthand how they work together to overcome their challenges.

Biogas Systems Producing More Food
The grandmas are now able to supply some of the green vegetables that they grow in their garden to the t soup kitchens that are frequented by local families.
They are able to do this because of the use of biogas which produces high quality organic fertilizers and which produces higher yields.

New and Free School Uniforms from The Women’s Centre
As well as this, because the young women are part of a vocational retraining program learning new skills as seamstresses, they can produce school uniforms for the children whose families cannot afford this (as well as their own). A school uniform has a huge impact on the children psychological health as they no longer feel left out from normal life (as they once did).

All Working Off the Same Page
So, because grandmas have greater food security, they can supply some of their surplus greens (spinach, kale, potatoes and corn) to the local soup kitchen so that family’s and children are fed. And as the mothers in the women’s centre are learning new skills, they can produce uniforms that make children feel part of the whole school experience for free.

It is a great feeling being able to talk to locals in the community and to be part of a collaborative effort to work together so that everybody benefits.


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