Kenya cultural tours, 5 days

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5 Days
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• 4 x nights’ accommodation at Palacina Hotel • Pick up and return (JK Int Airport) • Pick up/return each day from your hotel • Lunch - day 1 • Breakfast, lunch and dinner - day 2 & 4 • Breakfast and lunch - day 3 & 5
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Description of Kenya cultural tours, 5 days

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US $2650 excluding flights
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• 4 x nights’ accommodation at Palacina Hotel • Pick up and return (JK Int Airport) • Pick up/return each day from your hotel • Lunch - day 1 • Breakfast, lunch and dinner - day 2 & 4 • Breakfast and lunch - day 3 & 5
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What this tour provides is the evidence of how community wellbeing is inextricably linked to the health of the environment. And how with some relatively simple solutions both the health of the community and the environment can be improved.

Demonstrating some practical steps
This tour demonstrates to guests how practical steps can improve environmental health (ie the real face of sustainable programs). And that’s what makes this tour experience so special.

Guests will see a variety of new environmental initiatives in all our communities of grandmas, women and the Maasai. One of these initiatives is how biogas is replacing the need to cut down forests and reducing the destruction of wildlife habitats. And at the same time, it demonstrates how the biogas systems eliminate the pollution of ground water supplies thus reducing the incidence of illnesses occasioned by water borne diseases. Guests can walk through a valley with their Maasai hosts who will point out how the vegetation is regenerating and attracting wildlife. It’s amazing how popular this aspect of the tour is with guests who want to see how things can be improved.

And, in helping grandmas, the women and families cook lunch using the biogas, guests have a practical experience of life in Kenyan communities. And in all our communities, your hosts speak fluent English so the connection is real and engaging. Being able to talk to people who will explain the intricacies of life in their society provides amazing insight and new perspectives.

And guests in meeting the grandmas, women, Maasai and families who are living this day to day, will see the link between a community’s health and their environment.


Experiencing the support that Kenyans provide each other.
With 50% of Kenyan living on or below the poverty line, and with few social security safety nets, life for many Kenyans can be difficult. However, on this tour excursion, you will see how the initiative of grandmas and their community is helping forge new, brighter futures.

You will witness how the grandmas have become mentors to new recruits in a community support scheme. And that’s where this tour appeals to guests as it provides insight that few people would be exposed to. The feedback from the grandmas and the elders of the community reveals the structure of Kenyan society and the roles of men and women. It is the ultimate support system for grandmas and helps guests understand Kenyan society. It’s what makes this tour so different and so unique.

Our guests get to make tea for the grandmas and to sit down with their hosts as they would with a neighbor. Guests experience similar programs in the Maasai community and at Women’s Centre they will visit. As each group has a different ethnicity, it’s a total learning experience. And when you combine the singing and the dancing that everybody is involved in, you will see communities healing in a variety of ways. Sustainable programs are the fabric of this tour and the engagement with the community is what makes it so rewarding. So its a different type of tour with first hand experiences of life in Kenyan communities.

Debrief and Reflection!
And each night, as you step out with your hosts for dinner it is our guests time to debrief and reflection. This helps guests understand what they have seen and what they will experience tomorrow. The tour is an interactive one, fused with culture, participation and engagement and this is what is so appealing to guests It is uplifting and inspirational.

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