Papua New Guinea culture & history expedition

AU $22490 including domestic flights only
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16 Days
Small group
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Price includes 15 breakfasts, 13 lunches, 15 dinners. A single supplement of $2790 is available.
This trip has the option of private departures, ideal for groups of friends and families, offering a flexible range of dates, durations & inclusions.
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Description of Papua New Guinea culture & history expedition


Price information

AU $22490 including domestic flights only
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Price includes 15 breakfasts, 13 lunches, 15 dinners. A single supplement of $2790 is available.
This trip has the option of private departures, ideal for groups of friends and families, offering a flexible range of dates, durations & inclusions.
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Old archaeologists never die. They just wish you bone voyage.
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Group Size
We are passionate about minimising the negative impacts that tourism may cause. A pillar of our travel philosophy is our belief in small group sizes. Our maximum capacity for this trip to Papua New Guinea is just 12 travellers. Not only does this minimise the negative impacts on the destinations we visit, but it also provides a more immersive and intimate local travel experience.

Reducing use of Single-use plastics
All of our travellers to Papua New Guinea are provided with cloth bags and reusable water bottles at the beginning of their trip to help them avoid single-use plastics such as plastic shopping bags and disposable water bottles. Further to this, we instruct our suppliers in PNG to provide large tanks of potable water for group vehicles. We also encourage the hotels and lodges that host our groups to provide safe and reliable water at refill stations. These simple but effective measures can have a considerable impact and drastically reduce the amount of waste generated during each expedition. It also has the added benefit of helping our Papua New Guinean partners operate in a more sustainable manner.

This adventure in Papua New Guinea will traverse four vastly different landscapes, each with its own uniqueness when it comes to accessing water. We will carefully and consciously adapt our water usage to be the most environmentally friendly possible in each location of the trip.
Hotels have been selected based in large part on their environmental practices. Each hotel throughout this itinerary provides refillable water stations for the reusable water bottles gifted to our guests. Vehicles will travel with 20 litre water bottles for this same purpose. Travel in the Sepik region requires the purchase of drinking water (no safe drinking water is available for those not accustomed to it), however this will be done using 20 litre containers, which the locals like to keep after use for practical purposes around the village.
In the Highlands, beautiful, freshwater stream are abundant and will be our water source for this part of the trip, while on the islands, fresh rainwater tanks are plentiful and negotiating access to tank water has been done as part of our negations with the village, while of course also ensuring our visit won’t leave them short for their own purposes.

Waste management systems are virtually non-existent in Papua New Guinea, even in many of the major towns. Awareness of product packaging, litre and plastic waste are of tantamount importance for responsible travel. Our Expedition Leaders and experienced local guides outline this information to all guests as part of their briefing to encourage them to make conscious choices about any purchases they may make personally.
We encourage the consumption of local foods (which are more likely to come wrapped in leaves than plastic) as part of the cultural experience. Snacks provided by us are prepared on request by hotels kitchens in reusable packaging, and any incidental waste that is produced by us throughout the course of a day or sojourn into the remote villages is brought with us back to the resort where it can be dealt with in a responsible manner.


A Fair Deal
One of the unique wonders of Papua New Guinea is the cultural richness and diversity. A country roughly the size of California is home to over 800 distinct language groups, each with their own unique customs and beliefs. Through our local experts, who take great pride and care in offering guests exceptional and authentic experiences, this itinerary goes well off the normal tourists routes for Papua New Guinea and into villages which hitherto have not experienced the impacts (both positive and negative) of tourism. We have both an opportunity and responsibility to do things right from the start, which will create a template for any future tourism activity in these villages.
Due to the cultural diversity, and to ensure this trip is a wonderful experience for both visitors and hosts, we engage local guides from each of the tribes we visit. We feel this is critically important, as they are the experts who educate, inform and inspire, with our Storyteller there to support them.
Our local guides are paid well above the standard local wages. All goods and services are negotiated with the villages to ensure they are properly remunerated and a distribution of profits is fairly shared with the whole community thrilled to host us. Relationships in PNG are of utmost importance, and we want to be welcomed back in future!

Local Crafts and Cultures
The distinctive carvings, weavings and elaborate traditional dress of Papua New Guinea are famous around the world and are part of the allure for prospective travellers. Of course, part of any PNG expedition will rightly include the procurement of a souvenir or two to commemorate the journey. The purchase of masterfully created local handicrafts is a wonderful way to contribute to the local economy. There is however, etiquette to the way this should be done. Items such as head dresses containing Birds of Paradise feathers may be visually striking and a one-of-a-kind memento, however any such item removed from villages will need to be replaced, meaning another of these spectacular creatures will most certainly be hunted from the wild. Our Expedition Leaders and guides are on hand to ensure items of cultural, personal or environmental significance are not removed from communities, and that both villagers and our guests receive great value from any purchase or exchange made.

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