Law internships in Sri Lanka

“Gain valuable work experience at a small legal firm while developing an understanding of Sri Lankan culture and international law. Plus there痴 the added bonus of working near the beach!”


Work at a law firm in the coastal town of Negombo | work alongside a staff of five local lawyers | sit on the bench at local courts observing hearings and trials | gain new skills and an understanding of a different culture | live in a volunteer house provided by the project

Description of Law internships in Sri Lanka

This law internship in Sri Lanka will give you valuable insight into the workings of the legal profession. You'll work at a small law firm in the middle of Negombo, a lively city on Sri Lanka痴 west coast, alongside five friendly local lawyers, all of whom speak good English. Godfrey, the head partner of the firm is also an acting magistrate in the city.

Although they speak Singhalese and Tamil in Sri Lanka, the official language of law is English. Most court hearings take place in English, and all legal documentation is in English. While the bulk of your day to day work will involve proofreading and using your native English skills, you値l also get the chance to get involved in current cases, and to observe trials and hearings at local courts, in particular at the District Court and the High Court, where most proceedings are conducted in English. Even better, both these courts are short stroll from both the office and the beach!

Daily Schedule:
Placements are generally tailored around the intern痴 interests so there is no fixed schedule as such, though office hours are from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. If you want to spend most of your time in the courts you can do so; or you can choose to work mostly in the office, helping the lawyers write deeds or carrying out simple legal duties. Godfrey, the head partner, sometimes attends post-mortems in cases where there is an ambiguous cause of death; usually this happens about once a month. If you are interested you are welcome to attend, but you certainly don稚 have to if you would find it distressing! However you decide to divide your time you are sure to gain an extraordinary insight into both Sri Lankan and international law.

You値l live in Ja-Ela, a suburb of Colombo about a 45 minute drive from Negombo, sharing a house with other volunteers, most of whom will be working on teaching or conservation projects. The house has a modern kitchen, a garden and free WiFi.

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Law internships in Sri Lanka

We have a long established connection with a law firm in the beautiful coastal town of Negombo, which means we can provide fantastic, worthwhile internships for you to develop skills and kick-start your career. You値l also be hugely benefiting the law firm and the surrounding community and economy.

During your time working at the law firm you値l work with a number of local Sri Lankan staff. You impact on local community will primarily come from this cultural exchange. As English is not the first language of any of the staff, it is important for them to work with English speaking national, not only to practise English but also to discuss cultural differences. You値l also be contributing to the business by providing an extra pair of hands, leaving other staff to focus on other projects. This law firm greatly helps the local community as they are involved in a number of cases with members of the community who cannot afford legal representation.

By living in the volunteer house provided by the project you値l, again, be providing much needed income and employment to the local population. You値l be actively encouraged to recycle, be efficient with energy and water usage and preserve the natural surroundings. The money that you pay us will go directly to the house to pay the wages of staff members and for the food you will eat. All of your food is prepared for you and sourced locally, thus directly assisting local businesses. By taking part in the project you値l bring financial support and learning experiences for the whole community.

Transport to and from the project is left up to you to choose (costs covered for public transport). Public transport is always recommended by travellers and all nearby public transport routes are shown to all new arrivals. If taxis are required, you will be encouraged to share with other volunteers in order to lessen the impact of pollution wherever possible.

Having regard for the local community by being consciously aware of your impact is encouraged in all our documentation for all our projects in all our destination countries. This is because we feel very strongly that many countries are subject to, for example, water shortages, high cost of energy and high impact of energy usage, the negative impact of litter and general pollution. Thus we encourage our volunteers to be aware of these possible impacts so that they contribute positively and not negatively to the community in this respect.

Our company:
You taking part in this project enables us to continue to donate financial assistance as well as necessary goods, where it is needed around the world.

Examples of donations include:

- Monthly donations to a variety of schools, orphanage and animal sanctuaries around the world to help with costs.

- Donations to a school in Zambia to sponsor the education of five children per year.

- Donation made to a school in Ghana to build new signs to advertise the school, buy a photocopier, buy reading books and pain some classrooms in need of repair.

- Donation of funds to build a toilet at one of the schools we work with in Cambodia until now the children have had to go into neighbouring houses or in the bushes!

- Computer and Camera for a Street Kids project in South Africa.

- Ongoing monthly donations made to orphanage in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and every year additional money given at Christmas to buy presents for children.

- Approximately 」1,500 towards the building of a desperately needed classroom in a Zulu school in eMakhosini, South Africa.

- Water tanks for various projects in Ghana and Kenya to allow the children safe drinking water.

- Toys and play equipment for children at a project that was severely lacking funds for this in South Africa.

- A donation of books for the Red Cross Hospital in Cape Town.

- A donation of $400 to the elephant project in Thailand.

We also donate significantly to conservation research efforts and the purchasing of necessary conservation equipment. In the past, these donations have been made in all continents and in projects where we work, and some where we do not work.

We employ an all local staff force in most of our destination countries, which benefits the local economy. These range from skilled country managers, who are often pillars of their community, to local labourers and craftspeople. We believe in paying our overseas staff fairly, and many are rewarded with higher than average wages for local standards. When required, we send local staff on training courses to widen their skills. For example, a member of staff in South Africa recently attended an 粗co-school. Here, she was trained in eco teaching methods, which she will take to the schools around her region of South Africa to encourage eco-friendly farming methods.

We are committed to upholding strict ethical standards that ensure a positive and lasting impact upon the environments, communities, institutions, volunteers, animals, children and people that we work with.

For example:

- We encourage our volunteers to make the most of local opportunities available to them, such as shopping at local markets, eating in local restaurants and using local services and transport.

- We encourage volunteers to pay fairly for goods and services. We believe that over payment for goods and services or payment to beggars can have negative consequences and result in the over-reliance on tourism within the local community.

- We strongly advise against purchasing wildlife souvenirs or anything which may perpetuate the death or cruel treatment of animals for the purpose of profit.

- We advise on dress codes and codes of behaviour in all of our destination countries to ensure volunteers don稚 cause offence to local communities.

Our aim is to create always a win-win-win situation in terms of the benefits for the local communities and institutions that we work in, for us and for the volunteer. We do not embark on any project that is not beneficial to the communities, institutes or volunteers. We conduct regular volunteer satisfaction surveys to monitor our performance. We are also an incredibly environmentally aware company we recycle in our offices and carbon offset when we need to send staff to our destinations. Although individually these are small actions, we believe it痴 the first step to preserving the planet for future generations.

Our projects enable vital conservation, research, care and education work to take place directly where it is most needed. For example, the schools where we teach English very often have no other English teachers, and so they rely on us for continued lessons. We kept a Species Survival Conservation project in South Africa afloat until completion after it was threatened by lack of funds. Our volunteers contribute, all over the world, to projects that would not exist without them.

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