Corfu gulet cruise in Greece

€599To€699 excluding flights
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8 Days
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maximum group size 16 people
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Included 7 nights accommodation on board Buffet Breakfast daily 6 Lunches 1 Dinner + 1 Captains Dinner Private beaches Swim stops Guided tour Traditional ensuite ship Free 3G Wi-Fi onboard ( subject to limitations )
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Description of Corfu gulet cruise in Greece

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€599To€699 excluding flights
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Included 7 nights accommodation on board Buffet Breakfast daily 6 Lunches 1 Dinner + 1 Captains Dinner Private beaches Swim stops Guided tour Traditional ensuite ship Free 3G Wi-Fi onboard ( subject to limitations )
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Environmental policies:
As part of the small cruise industry we try to confront over environmental practices but also to focus on the emergence of environmental activism. In general, cruise ships generate significant amounts of air pollution from different sources such as: their engines,their machineries, their fuel oils,etc. Conventionally, a cruise ship’s daily emissions are equivalent to the impact of 12,000 automobiles. Due to this fact we are more concerned about the air quality and its impact on the ecosystem.
Here some of our sustainability strategies with the aim of reducing vessel’s air emissions:
Fuel switching: from bunker fuel to marine gas oil (MGO) or liquefied natural gas (LNG),
Equipped with advanced emissions purification systems, which eliminate the amount of dioxin from fuel & assure compliance with standards,
Regenerating energy by plugging into the destinations electricity grid for its power source (prepaid water and electricity card provided directly from Municipal Port Funds)
Reducing speed limits as vessels approach ports, so that air emissions can be curtailed in a point,
Inserting in the itinerary some alternative “green” activities, such as sun & bike cruises.

An additional problem is the amount of hazardous solid waste (plastics, paper, wood, cans, food waste and a variety of other wastes) including some oil fluids, which unfortunately end up in the sea. Plastic and aquatic disruption pose an immediate risk to sea life, as they cannot be digested.

Taking that into account we have worked for good waste management procedures:

By using recycle principles & garbages everywhere in our vessels
By investing in sufficient environmental information services not only to our staff, but also to our guests. In this way we encourage them to minimise their waste and always think - about their impact on marine life - before acting
By limiting plastic bottles and using, for instance, reusable bottles, glass jars, containers that are environmentally friendly.
One of our vessels M/S Eros is also equipped with solar panels
Our environmentally friendly approach isn’t limited only at the sea. We try to maintain a nearly paper free office except for essential documentation, to encourage cycling to work and to recycle.


Financial Policies:
Because of our fleet we can access both small as well as bigger islands and offer economic benefits to communities that otherwise see no other tourism. We choose local suppliers for the operation of the vessels (provisions, fuel, laundry, repairs), by building long term collaborations with them. We sometimes use local transportation, we support traditional dishes & drinks of each destination, we pay port fees at the local authorities. Small cruise industry can be an important source of employment both aboard ship and on shore. Therefore, the income for local livelihoods can be ongoing especially when there’s an upcoming desire for future visitations after a positive experience.
Above you can find some of our suppliers with whom we have created a long lasting working environment:

Social Policies:
Accommodating and transporting thousands of passengers each season, means a lot of responsibilities for us as far as our travellers, our business partners and the host communities are concerned. More specifically, we promote equality through the members of our crew and we pay attention to the protection of children from all forms of abuse, as we adopt each time the itinerary according to the ages of our clients. In addition, we are interested in local attractions and activities and of course we encourage volunteer. We have established a project named “green-tourism” which is fulfilled every 5th of July each year and we take up cleaning Nidri beach, in order to help the marine resilience. We become happier when we realise the willingness of our travellers to offer with us even during their vacations. All these can positively affect the development of cruise terminals. Finally, we believe in the empowerment that can be created when we recognize the rights and beliefs of the indigenous people we meet along the way.

Small cruising & responsible travel
We aim to provide all our passengers with detailed pre-departure information for each cruise. This is actually responsible travel. It’s about the attitude you take and the choices you make when travelling according to the guidelines. Building responsible travel policies into each and every one of our trips was our fundamental idea and we make a difference. It depends on us how we build environmental and cultural awareness and respect.

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