Highlights of Colombia over 50s holiday

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Price Per Person $5354 USD based on 2 adults sharing accommodation. *Single Supplement + USD $1408
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Description of Highlights of Colombia over 50s holiday

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US $5354 excluding flights
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Price Per Person $5354 USD based on 2 adults sharing accommodation. *Single Supplement + USD $1408
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It could be the potent coffee of the lowlands, the mind-bending heat and humidity of the coast, or the lack of oxygen in the Andes – but somehow, when...
Multi activity
Never tried sea kayaking? Give it a go. Always wanted to go on a canopy walk above a jungle? Why the heck not? Mountain biking on actual mountains? Sn...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We operate a re-use policy whereby we encourage all our clients to leave behind printed travel information such as sightseeing books, maps, or anything else, at the end of their trip for the next guests. This minimizes the amount of printed material as much as possible.

Our staff guides are experienced in conservation and environmental issues. We transfer their knowledge to our guests so that they learn how to reduce their footprint while traveling to Colombia. We encourage our suppliers and guides to minimize plastic waste in all areas. We often even pick up trash left by other travelers on their tours, which we deposit only in places where sorting and recycling of waste are possible.

In this package destinations such as the Cocora Valley, the cacao and coffee farm, Rosario Islands and Tayrona Park are natural places (mostly all places of Colombia), that’s why we pay special attention so that we do not disturb any wild animals, birds or plants in their natural habitat. Naturally, of course, we do not touch unnecessarily any fauna or any living entity. We reduce noise and commotion where possible. We are particularly pleased when our travelers do not leave any trace of ever having been there. Since many of our tours are based on visits to protected areas, we promote activities such as walking and cycling where possible.

In the Coffee zone, we always encourage travelers to visit locally owned haciendas in the countryside, where the daily practices help protect the environment and ensure that local flora and fauna are well-preserved. In our Cacao and coffee tour, you’ll be surrounded by cacao, coffee, exotic fruits, wonderful nature, birds, and wild bamboo. Your guide will be explaining to you the complete process of the production of both, as you’re walking through this lush paradise.

In Cocora you will appreciate the national tree of Colombia; The Wax Palm. Here you’ll learn about the importance of conservation, and see the sad reality of deforestation and how we can help change habits and practices from our pasts.

On this trip, we will be visiting locations of high importance in natural aspects such as the Rosario Islands which are surrounded by protected reefs, and Tayrona Park in The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; the highest coastal mountain in the world. This Park offers extraordinary beaches, rivers, and dry forests. We care about the conservation of water and marine life so we create awareness in our guests so that our beaches and resorts remain clean and we can continue to offer unforgettable experiences.


All the partners with whom we collaborate on our tours, or through our office and internet business, have their base in Colombia.

We almost entirely work with smaller local businesses or families with whom we want to establish a long-term relationship, without intermediaries. This gives our guests a unique insight into each destination and with us, they travel and think like the locals. Our primary concern with tourism in Colombia is to ensure that there is only a positive impact on local communities and culture.

Our group size on this trip is a maximum of 12 pax. This way, we will not be an overwhelming presence in the local environment or local communities.

For all our guests there is always pre-trip information available for each destination. Where possible, we like to ensure that upon arrival they feel comfortable and confident ahead of their Colombian experience. Greeted by the local guide at the airport, who is our representative, they will have explained to them all the details of the tour and be provided with additional local information. For this, our guests are generally very appreciative

We always include on our tours, visits to local providers where possible. In the Coffee zone, to be specific in Viterbo, you’ll be in a 120-year-old house made of Bahareque (a mix of timber, bamboo, mud, and cattle dung in the construction of the walls)and you'll also get involved with roasting the cacao and coffee beans on the 100-year-old stovetop and make the freshest coffee possible, along with some of the richest chocolate using the wonderful artisan methods.

In Medellin, we visit a local market, where the fruit tasting will be. Here we learn about socio-economic aspects and taste some amazing fruits! That same day, we will be visiting a completely transformed neighborhood, something that would certainly have been unimaginable for 15 years due to the violence and lack of security. Not only is this location the most significant street art district in Medellin, yet is additionally where the very first open-air electrical escalators in the world were mounted. You’ll get to enjoy this along with local artists such as dancers, painters, and rappers getting to understand the meanings behind the graffiti.

In Taironaka while visiting this archelogy site, guides work hand by hand with the indigenous people, being that bridge of communication to understand the significance of this location to not only the ancestral history of the Kogui indigenous but that of all of Colombia. Meeting these kindhearted people is an experience in itself, and while here you’ll also receive an “aseguranza” which will safeguard you for all your future travels. Ensuring a Kogui spirit will help and guide you into the future.

Heritage preservation is everything for a culture, it helps us preserve our identity, heritage sites circulate wealth within the local economy, and it gives opportunities to all. We will have an in-depth tour of the Jewel of Colombia, the magical UNESCO heritage-listed city of Cartagena de Indias Colombia, and you’ll be visiting the first city founded in Colombia; Santa Marta, being important in the history of the country, therefore it has an outstanding historical center with colonial architecture and buildings declared cultural property.

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