History and culture of Colombia holiday, over 50s

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Description of History and culture of Colombia holiday, over 50s

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US $3751 per accommodation
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Price Per Person $3751 USD based on 2 adults sharing accommodation. *Single Supplement + USD $407
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History holidays suffer from an image problem. They conjure up a picture of a sedate older crowd crammed into coaches, ticking off a list of antiquity...
It could be the potent coffee of the lowlands, the mind-bending heat and humidity of the coast, or the lack of oxygen in the Andes but somehow, when...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Guaviare, a department located in the southeast of Colombia, is an area with a rich history and cultural heritage. The region is home to numerous rock art sites, which are believed to be some of the oldest in the Americas. However, the natural environment around these sites is also fragile and susceptible to damage from tourism. Therefore, responsible travel is crucial to preserving both rock art and the environment around it.

We Respect the Rock Art Sites: Rock art sites are important cultural and historical landmarks, and we show respect for these sites. This means not touching or defacing the rock art, and not taking anything from the site.

During our hikes, we avoid stepping off designated trails and taking any souvenirs or artifacts from the park. We also discourage clients from littering and provide them with reusable water bottles to minimize plastic waste.

We work closely with local authorities and tour guides to ensure that our activities do not harm the natural habitat of dolphins and other aquatic species. Our guides are trained to educate visitors on the importance of conserving the lagoon's biodiversity and the role they can play in preserving it.

During our tours, we encourage our clients to respect the dolphins' space and not touch or feed them. This helps to maintain the dolphins' natural behavior and prevents them from becoming dependent on humans for food.

We Dispose of Waste Properly: We always dispose of waste properly, either in designated bins or by carrying it out. Littering can be harmful to the environment and wildlife.

We support Local Conservation Efforts: W looks for ways to support local conservation efforts, such as donating to a local conservation group or volunteering with a conservation project.

By following these tips, responsible travel can help to preserve the natural environment around the rock art sites in Guaviare. It can also help to support the local communities that depend on tourism for their livelihoods. Responsible travel is an essential part of preserving our world's cultural and natural heritage for future generations.


Responsible travel not only benefits the environment but also supports the local community. Here are some ways we can help the local community while doing responsible travel in Guaviare:

We work with local communities to ensure that tourism benefits everyone involved. We support local businesses by sourcing our food and accommodations from them, thereby providing income and employment opportunities to the locals.

We hire Local Guides: Hiring a local guide when visiting rock art sites or exploring the region. This not only helps to support the local economy but also provides an opportunity to learn about the local culture and history from someone who knows the area well.

We suggest buying Locally Made Souvenirs: When purchasing souvenirs, choose locally made products such as handmade crafts or locally sourced food products. This supports local artisans and helps to sustain traditional crafts and practices.

By supporting the local community through responsible travel, you can help to preserve the cultural heritage and natural environment of Guaviare. Your support can also help to create economic opportunities for local families and ensure the sustainability of the region's tourism industry.

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