Himalaya cycling holiday, India

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US $1450 excluding flights
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Carbon Reduction

Transport: We choose to travel by bike, minimizing transportation carbon footprint, and educate our guides and guests on the importance of looking after the areas they are visiting. Where we use back up vehicles, we assess and maximize vehicle occupancy rate. We make sure that vehicles - either our own or transportation service companies’- get regular maintenance.

Food and drink: We help our guests discover the rural lifestyle and culture of India, explore its heritage, enjoy its landscape and sample its delicious food and drink, that is mostly locally produced along the Manali to Leh route, through a series of experiences led by local experts, and encourage respectful behaviour towards protected area.

Environment and Wildlife

We collaborate with protected area administration and donate equipment (binoculars, bird guidebooks, and others) to protected area administration, in order to facilitate their job. We promote watching, enjoying, and learning about wildlife in its natural environment.

We have established cooperation with an NGO called "Tiger Watch”, at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. An organization’s primary objective is conservation and protection of wildlife and keeping tigers safe from extinction, through programs like infrastructure; capacity building, research, and wildlife monitoring, reduction of man-animal conflicts and direct emergency support.
We provide our support through donations and invite our guests to join us in this collaboration and contribute to the conservation of this valuable ecosystem.

Waste: We emphasize the use of electronic communications. Where not possible, when using paper forms for invoices, receipts, survey questionnaires, and others we choose the smallest possible size suitable to a quality job, while at the same time creating minimum waste.

We promote travel that does not exploit or harm animals and work towards the preservation of biodiversity.


Local Economy

Friends & Neighbours: During our stay, we hire land from local to pitch our camp and we pay them for their support.

Facility on site. It aims to provide a sustainable livelihood to people living on the Manali - Leh highway.

Travelling with Respect: We believe opportunities for meetings between local people and guests provide genuine experiences, promote cultural exchange and preserving of local customs. We encourage the sharing of interesting local customs like artwork or dancing.

Supporting community : The songs and dances of Leh and Ladakh region form part of a tradition which is passed down, from generation to generation. Our guests visit colorful folk music and dance performance of the nomadic. The local women wearing intricately decorated, colorful jewelry, and expressive make up dance to folk music that men play. Popular instruments include dholak (a hand drum), khanjari and poongi (a percussion & woodwind musical instruments). We support the community’s effort to preserve their cultural heritage. Our guests experience is enriched by the local culture and traditions and our locals see tourism in a positive light because they feel sense of ownership and pride in it.

Buildings: We stay in locally owned heritage hotels, thus helping protect historically significant buildings from demolition.

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