Antarctic cruise expedition

“Set sail on an expedition ship bound for the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetlands. Once in a lifetime two week experience in the company of experts.”


Ushuaia | Drake Passage (800kms) | the Beagle Channel | South Shetland Islands | Antarctic Peninsula | Nature is unpredictable however, this is what you might hope to see: whales, seals, penguins, albatross, glaciers, icebergs and plenty more besides |

Description of Antarctic cruise expedition

This incredible Antarctic cruise expedition surely fits the ‘once in a lifetime’ brief.

Join a maximum of 140 other passengers onboard the M/S Expedition as you embark on a two week round trip from Ushuaia via Drake Passage, the South Shetlands and time spent on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Whilst onboard you’ll be invited to listen to lectures, chat to Antarctic experts and read a range of relevant literature prior to turning your newfound knowledge into first-hand experiences.

From ice floes and huge glaciers to languid leopard seals and chattering penguin rookeries, there’s nothing like life in Antarctica to set your mind and body racing with opportunities.

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11 Nov 2019
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01 Dec 2019
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Responsible tourism

Antarctic cruise expedition

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


Responsible Cruising: Our M/S Expedition ship is built with the environment in mind, exceeding industry regulations. With a maximum size of 140 passengers, the M/S Expedition offers space and comfort, whilst also ensuring that impact to the delicate environment surrounding it is kept to a minimum.

Penguin Rookeries: You'll have the chance to meet and greet various types of wild penguin, including Gentoo and Chinstrap varieties, whilst learning about the wildlife and the impact of global warming on the surroundings and the penguins' lives.

This company has operated on responsible tourism values since its inception. From an environmental perspective, our initiatives extend from our company offices to our tours. Our head office and stores are powered by a local green energy provider, we encourage cleaner transportation methods for staff, and purchase all supplies from a local green business supplier. Our office is as paperless as possible and our brochures use 100% FSC certified sustainable paper.

Getting Dirty for Earth Day: Every year we hold clean-ups in our office locations around the world. This year we worked with a local community centre on their community gardening efforts by planting flowers, trees, and prepping plots for vegetable planting.


Dollar-a-day program: You are given the opportunity to give back to people visited on our tours through our Dollar A Day system. Simply give a dollar for every day you are in and around the Adriatic (we'll give you the opportunity to do this at the booking stage) and 100% of this will go towards conservation projects worldwide through our foundation. While none of our projects are currently located in the Adriatic, you'll enjoy your tour even more knowing that you're doing your bit to help those less fortunate worldwide.

Small Group Tours
With an average of 10 travellers on every trip, we ensure that local communities do not feel the impact of a tour group in their vicinity. We continually educate our tour groups on the culture and heritage of local people and this allows the area to reap the benefits of tourism without changing the local way of life.

Charity Contribution
When you take a trip with us, you are helping to fund charity work across the globe. We fund our charity foundation’s administrative costs and contribute $30,000 a year in donations, meaning that 100% of donor funds go directly to the projects they were designed to serve – over 35 projects spanning the globe.

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