Patagonia horse riding holiday

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Environmentally responsible travel has never been as important as it is now and it’s at the very heart of our philosophy. From our inception, we have ensured that our responsible travel philosophy permeates everything we do, both at home and abroad.

More than having a neutral impact on host environments and indigenous human communities, we strive to have a positive one.

On the trail we remove all waste from camps: We carry any plastic packaging and paper boxes, to the last lodging, Bandurrias island. There we separate glass, recycle plastic tins and paper. We take all waste from the Island by boat, pack horses and the pick up to the city, cross the ferry and take it to the recycling place in Puerto Montt. With the organic stuff, we give it to the chickens and what can not be eaten we compost to provide a natural fertiliser for the crops.

The picnic lunches and food are local products not only supporting the local farmers but also reducing energy expenditure in transport.

We do not give out plastic bottles we ask guest to bring their own refillable bottle and we also use wine bottles to carry water from the farms.

Our local supplier upholds the the same principles as we do in their words. Our politic is to leave no trace!! The Guide is working in “his own back yard” and will uphold this policy diligently.

Horse Breed: We use the right breeds for the environment The Chilean Creole is extremely strong and loyal. It has a low metabolism, a high threshold for discomfort, a great immunity to disease and a remarkable rate of recuperation. Their hooves are strong and their thick coat makes them well suited for both cold and dry/hot weather. The breed is the oldest registered Creole breed, the oldest registered horse breed of South America, the oldest registered stock horse breed in all the Americas and the third oldest horse breed of any kind in all the Western Hemisphere. The Argentinean Criollo is smaller in size and is equally able to adapt to its environment. The breed originated from Barb and Andalusian horses imported by the Spanish conquerors, before becoming feral. The Creole served the partisans in their quest for freedom before the Gauchos claimed the breed for their own and developed the horses we see today. We ensure the well being of the horse Due to the size of the Chilean Creole horse, riders over 90Kg/198lb are required to have an extra horse to allow alternation between morning and afternoon. Every stable we use has been assessed to ensure that they follow the highest standards of horse husbandry. We work closely with the British Horse society.

The Impacts of this Trip

The money cascade & creating local jobs

We deal directly with local people: the food and accommodation that you will use throughout your itinerary is locally owned and purchased locally, in local currency. local stories of the area. Local guides are of course paid, so once again, money is passing directly to grassroots level.

Only experienced Local “Huaso” guides or “baquianos” with extensive local knowledge of the area are employed. They hold a certificate in WFR (wilderness first responder) and are friendly, great fun and highly passionate about the Puelo Valley. Guides are trained to stay a step ahead and offer help and assistance to ensure the trip runs smoothly.

We give every client a Field manual which offers an introduction to the country they will be traveling in not only outling their itinerary but also a little about the local custom and culture. We would like to think this enables them to behave in a manner that ensures they travel with respect and get the warmest reception locally.

Back home we support our local charities the Devon Air ambulance and Dartmoor Rescue.


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