Yunnan Meili trekking holiday in China

Two weeks of mountain trekking and meeting Naxi people in China and Tibet. For small groups including two domestic flights and overland travel.
Yunnan Province Lijiang Yuhu village Nguluku Yongning Lion Mountain Sichuan Province Lugu Lake Gyalthang Tiger Leaping Gorge Yangtze River Yulong Shueshan Mountain Ganden Sumtsaling Monastery Dhondupling Monastery Yunnan Tibet Namkhatashi Meili Snow Mountains Mekong River Ming Yong Glacier
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Description of Yunnan Meili trekking holiday in China

China trekking holidays are the stuff of legends with Yunnan province, in the south of the country, probably one of the most varied and naturally attractive settings to discover the history and cultural heritage of rural China and Tibet.

From the Naxi people living in the fabled city of Lijiang to those living in villages nearby, China trekking holidays bring you closer to the traditions and customs that have remained untouched down through the ages with a homestay overlooking Lake Lugu certain to be one of many highlights.

Leaving Black Dragon Pool and Jade Dragon Mountain behind, this two week China trekking holiday continues to Tiger Leaping Gorge and onwards to Gyalthang in Tibet also known as Zhongdian by the Chinese or Shangri-La by travellers seeking enlightenment.

From here your small group will continue trekking in China away from the tourists and off the beaten trail as your adventure starts in earnest in the Meili Snow Mountains by way of a pilgrimage path that leads to forest and flower-filled valleys, gleaming glaciers and precariously placed mountain monasteries.

The chance to stay with a local family in the upper Yuben is incredibly rewarding both spiritually and culturally with walks to nearby waterfalls in the shadow of 23,000ft tall snow-topped mountains just the icing on the cake before departing from your final destination, Kunming.

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1850 excluding flights
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Single Supplement GBP 190.
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Small group tour:
Small group travel is not large group travel scaled down. It is modelled on independent travel but with the advantage of a group leader to take care of the itinerary, accommodation and tickets, and dealing with the language. Its easy to tick off the big sights independently but finding those one-off experiences, local festivals, travelling markets and secret viewpoints is almost impossible for someone without the insider knowledge gained from years in the field. Those with a two-week holiday, a small group tour will save valuable planning time.

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Yunnan is one of the most culturally & geographically diverse regions of China. During this tour you will visit remote villages, such as the Moso matriarchal society as well as enjoy a delightful trek in the pristine Meili mountain range near the border of Tibet both experiences are uncommon and devoid of mass tourism so care needs to be taken to preserve the integrity of the region. You will also be introduced to the land, people and the culture of the Khampa region of Tibet in a manner that is both personal and participatory.

You will be accompanied by a local guide, native to this region of China, who will heighten your experience by maximising cultural exchange during your visits to smaller communities which do not see a great amount of tourism. Your guide will direct you to where you can purchase local goods to support the community and more importantly advise you on the dos and donts of this particular part of China to help you maintain sensitivity to the local customs which vary greatly from other regions of China.

We will stay at locally owned accommodations and eat meals from locally grown produce, which is in excess so we are not taking away from the community. Your trek employs local people who have the opportunity for another source of income other than agriculture. By using these services your money is directly benefiting communities who do not usually see tourism and provides them with extra revenue streams other than farming.

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