Borneo tailor made tour

“Unique travel experiences in lesser-visited destinations make this two-week tour the perfect way to really get under the skin of Borneo. ”


Miri | Niah National Park | Great Cave & Painted Cave | Internal flight to Bario | Kelabit Highlands | Longhouse home stay | Village trekking | Longboat river cruise | Prayer Mountain hike | Internal flight to Kota Kinabalu | Cycling tour | Dunsun community visit | Kinabalu National Park | Ascent of Mount Kinabalu | Gaya Island |

Description of Borneo tailor made tour

Spanning 12 days and a host of unforgettable activities, this tailormade Borneo trip brings together meaningful cultural interactions, majestic scenery and a healthy mix of exercise and relaxation.

After a short but lively flight by Twin Otter aircraft to the Kelabit Highlands, you’ll be welcomed by the tribespeople who have now retired from their head-hunting days, you’ll be glad to hear. Expect traditional entertainments and tasty local cuisine as you spend a few nights in a beautiful longhouse. Later in the tour, you’ll visit a Dunsun community for lunch by the riverside, and travel along the Dhapur River aboard a wooden long tail boat, the jungle on either bank echoing to the sounds of wildlife.

In Niah National Park, you’ll peek inside the immense limestone cavern where human bones dating 40,000 years were found, and see ancient cave paintings depicting the passage to the afterlife. You’ll bask in spectacular views over the Bario Valley, after climbing up Prayer Mountain – an excellent warm-up for the challenge a few days later of Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in the Malay Archipelago. A 2am start from the base station will see you reach the summit in time for a memorable sunrise.

And what better way to reward your efforts than a few days set aside at the end of the tour to soothe those aching legs on Gaya Island, in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. Wander nature trails through the jungle, or catch some rays on what many consider the finest beaches in Borneo.

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Borneo tailor made tour


Tunku Abdul Rahman National Marine Park
On this trip we visit Gaya Island, the largest of five islands located within the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Marine Park. Spanning an area of 50 square kilometres, the park’s waters are home to an abundance of marine life including turtles and rays, reef sharks and numerous species of clownfish. Whilst on land, primary forest covers the islands and plays host to diverse flora and fauna including Proboscis Monkey. Tunku Abdul Rahman was designated a national park in 1974, and consequently the area’s flora, fauna and marine eco-systems are now protected.

The Gaya Island hotels we work with are 100% committed to ecologically-sustainable practices and involved in conservation programmes to protect the wildlife and preserve the natural environment. These eco-focused initiatives include coral reef restoration; the rescue & rehabilitation of endangered sea turtles and proboscis monkey preservation.

Niah National Park
This Borneo itinerary travels to Niah National Park in Sarawak, one of Borneo’s smallest national parks. Niah is an area of major archaeological significance where human remains dating back 40,000 years were excavated in 1958, and ancient cave paintings discovered on the walls of the limestone caverns. As a national park it lies under the protection of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation which is committed to sustainable forest management and the protection of flora and fauna within the park. The park’s cave systems are home to swiftlets whose unique nests are a sought-after Chinese delicacy. Historically the local community have made a sizeable income from the collection and sale of these nests, with swiftlet numbers declining as a result. However, the national park now operate a conservation programme to education the locals and preserve the swiftlet population.

In Niah NP we work closely with a local travel partner who adheres to our responsible travel policies. The local guides know the region well and are able to offer in-depth information on the national park, the wildlife and local communities; as well as first-hand knowledge on the challenges faced in terms of preservation of their local environment.

World Land Trust (WLT).
We believe that for ‘carbon offsetting’ to be effective, it needs to be implemented as part of a broader set of responsible actions, otherwise it distracts from the real impact of flying, on both the developing country and the developed country. As such, we have teamed up with World Land Trust (WLT), an international conservation charity who we believe offer an effective solution to reducing the carbon impact of flights, through actively conserving rainforests globally whilst supporting local communities.

The WLT has been working in Borneo since 2008 with the primary aim of funding strategic land purchases to conserve wildlife corridors for the endangered Orang-utans and other endemic species.


Remote Minority Groups
We are of the staunch opinion that minorities aren’t tourist attractions, any more than children are. All our holidays that take place in and around minority communities are set up with the locals’ best interests at heart and we work with partners who do everything possible to ensure that the entire community benefits from our visits. This Borneo itinerary travels to the remote Kelabit Highlands where life has remained unchanged for generations.

The experience has not been manufactured for foreign tourists; accommodation is provided in the home of a local family. It’s an excellent opportunity for clients to immerse themselves in authentic local life, but we are conscious that this does not have a negative impact on the local people and the income generated from these visits directly benefits the whole community.

Local partners.
We actively choose local guides and drivers, and work only with local travel partners. We insist that any travel partners we work with adhere to our responsible travel policies, and ideally put responsible tourism at the heart of everything they do. We work collaboratively with them to ensure an ongoing exchange of information, so we can all continue to improve our work around responsible tourism.

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