Turkey photography holiday

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2020: 6 Feb

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Turkey photography holiday


We travel in small groups, of around 8-12 people as a maximum to minimize our impact, and footprint, on places we visit and the local communities we meet. Because of this we are able to utilise less obtrusive, smaller vehicles when on road trips. Also by focusing on smaller regions of the country we are able to reduce driving times and dependence on vehicles. Many of our photography days are actually conducted on foot, on the ground.

Photography, especially landscape and environmental portraiture, by its very nature builds a greater appreciation of and brings people into closer contact with the environment and with local people. These trips celebrate and re confirm the value of environmental both to guests and locals through our passionate interest in them. We encourage people to protect their natural environment, architectural integrity, customs and traditions.

Of course we are also on the look out and keen to use hotels and businesses who also have an environmental policy in their own way. Hotels that have been sympathetically designed and built to maintain some harmony with their surroundings and those who consider the environment in their day to day operations.


This particular trip helps to generate tourism revenue in off the beaten track places, utilising locally owned businesses, local drivers and guides. In particular these trips have an leaning towards off the beaten track locations, and more remote villages in the main. We therefore bring revenue to areas and small businesses that are less likely to benefit from mass market destinations.

We never encourage cheeky telephoto snaps of people who do not know they are being photographed. We get close, meet people, accept invitations to enter their homes and listen to their stories. We try to make photography as much fun and educational for the subject as it is for the photographer.

Accommodation is always in independent, family run hotels, meals too are given in local ‘people's' restaurants.

We make sure locals are never treated like wildlife in a zoo. These tours, more than any other, encourage a real connection with local people, over the last 10 years we have built lasting friendships all across the country. Sharing photographic prints with the people we have photographed, giving back in genuine gestures that go beyond the monetary.

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