Walking and yoga holiday in Greece

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Walking and yoga holiday in Greece


We support local environmental groups and have started a 'snake, tortoise and reptile rescue' service. Animals such as snakes are safely removed from people's houses or gardens and if injured, they are helped to return to health and safely relocated. We recycle all our waste and compost all food / garden waste.

We have set up a number of wormeries and are helping people to set up their own giving them a starter kit, (wormeries are totally unknown here in Greece). We have also set up a number of bee hives.

Water is solar heated. Our garden is grown on 'water-wise' principles so that it mostly survives on winter rains saving substantial amounts of water. We have actively decided against a swimming pool for the same reason and encourage our guests to walk the 15 minutes down the hill to the sea. There is no air conditioning on our property relying on other methods to keep cool in the summer.


We buy from within our area supporting small producers - seasonal fruit and We buy as much as we can from within our immediate area supporting small producers - seasonal fruit and vegetables, olive oil, honey, fish caught in the village, locally produced cheese etc.

The local area relies on the olive harvest but tourism is also very important in supplementing peoples income and keeping the area vibrant. 30 years ago there were few young people living in the villages but the increase of independent and alternative tourism has brought life into once deserted villages.

Our guests eat out in our local village where the small restaurants are locally owned. Our guests and business supports local enterprise - local grocery stores, car and bike hire, local therapists etc.

We have started our own quarterly magazine with the emphasis on local information environment, flora and fauna, health issues, pet information etc. Because communities here are scattered in many small mountain villages, the magazine is a focal point of communication bringing together local Greeks and foreign residents.

We offer free drop-in meditation classes for locals and also drop in yoga classes which we offer all year round

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