Haiti holiday, small group

“This 10-day Haiti small group holiday takes you to the north and south coasts, to big cities and tiny villages, to swim in waterfalls and browse local markets. This is the Haiti that few ever take the time to explore.”


Port-au-Prince | Furcy village | Jacmel | Bassins Bleu | Cap-Haitien | Citadelle Laferriere | Sans Souci Palace | beach at Cormier Plage | Sugar Cane Museum | Croix de Bouquets artisan workshop

Description of Haiti holiday, small group

Little visited and hugely misunderstood, Haiti is one of the least explored Caribbean islands, yet one with phenomenal landscapes, a fascinating history, rich Afrocaribbean culture and – of course – beaches just as beautiful as anywhere else in the Caribbean, but without the resorts or revellers. This Haiti small group holiday takes you across the world’s first black republic to explore some of the island’s most phenomenal yet unexpected sites – such as the Citedelle Lafarriere, perched on a mountaintop to survey the surrounding seas and hills for attackers.

One of the benefits is a Haiti small group holiday is that as well as the key sites – such as museums, waterfalls and stunning northern beaches – you have access to less explored places such as the little village of Furcy, vodou markets, historic buildings and artisan workshops. This is a truly authentic insight into one of the Caribbean’s most mysterious countries – and is sure to shatter preconceptions.

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27 Dec 2018
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21 Nov 2019
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Haiti holiday, small group


When travelling in a country such as Haiti that has few if any tourists, there is an additional responsibility on us as a company and on our clients visiting the country to do everything possible to minimise our impact.

We do everything possible to reduce our waste while travelling, using local cafes and restaurants. We also work extremely closely with our locally owned suppliers to inform and educate their staff about a range of issues, including litter and waste disposal, and the recycling of material. Clients are advised to bring their own water bottles rather than purchase plastic.

Wherever possible we use environmentally friendly local accommodation. If this is not possible we make every effort to alert the management of the accommodation in question to ways of improving their service with the environment in mind. Many of the hotels and lodges we use are in extremely remote areas and are therefore almost entirely self-sufficient, using local sources of food, labour and construction materials.


Our very small groups and limited departures in Haiti means that our impact – both cultural and environmental – on the areas that we visit is small and truly sustainable. We are investing in the future, in the belief that along with our local colleagues we can create sustainable social benefits. All of the guides we use are local, and most have been working with our local team in a full time role for a number of years, rather than just as seasonal jobs.

Our suppliers in Haiti are small and locally owned, meaning that the income remains within the country and creates a real economic contribution. We also feel that the passion inherent within our Haitian team means that your experience will be enhanced.

All of our trips include visits to local markets, craft shops and fairs. As well as being good for the local economy this gives travellers to the country a real feel for the life and culture of Haiti.

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