Chad holiday, Peaks of the Tibesti

“A genuine adventure through the seldom visited Saharan landscapes and mountain ranges of this wild and beautiful country, with nights spend camping out in the desert”


N’Djamena | Abeche | Kalait | Bichagara | Borkou | Kouroudi | Emi Koussi plateau | Enneri Zoumri valley | Trou au Natron | Region of Zouar | Tibesti Mountains

Description of Chad holiday, Peaks of the Tibesti

This challenging and exiting trip takes you to the stunning country of Chad, a place little visited by Western tourists, where you’ll take in desert sands, ancient rock carvings and the mighty peaks of the Tibetsi Mountains. This region has been off limits for some time, but with careful forward planning, it’s possible to visit once again. This is not a trip for those who love their creature comforts, though. You’ll be travelling off road, crossing vast, open desert and spending night under canvas.

Making your way from the capital, N’Djamena, to the north, you’ll pass through the town of Faya Largeau, a significant waystation for travellers crossing the desert. You'll then drive through rocky plateaux, vast sand seas and along dried up riverbeds before reaching the dramatic mountain scenery of the Tibesti, where some of the most isolated peoples on earth make their homes. Here you’ll have the opportunity to spend time with the Tubu people, a strong and independent tribe who have managed to adapt magnificently to the harsh conditions here. You’ll also get a chance to learn about the region’s early inhabitants, through the ancient rock carvings and paintings inscribed among the stones.

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

This trip spends time visiting some of the most remote communities on our planet and we place a great emphasis on treading sensitively. Where possible we buy supplies along the way, and although our groups are small this can make a significant input into the local economy of villages which otherwise have little opportunity to trade.

By limiting our presence in areas where local culture can be quite fragile, we hope to avoid as much as possible the phenomenon whereby an area changes in character due to repeated and prolonged exposure to tourism. We want to visit an area as friends, not intruders and to ensure that what we see will also be there for others to enjoy for many years to come.

Our groups average only six clients. This has much less impact when travelling through rural areas, reducing our environmental and social affects. Finally to emphasise our commitment to Responsible Tourism all clients will receive a copy of our Travellers Code of Conduct with their travel documents.

This tour travels through some very remote and often pristine environments, and outside of N’Djamena all nights are spent camping. We make a point of ensuring that we do not leave any permanent traces of our stay behind, making sure that we take all litter with us. The desert is a fragile environment and we take great pains to ensure that we do not disturb it.

The Impacts of this Trip

The local Tubu population are especially wary about having their photographs taken and our groups are carefully briefed on this in order that we do not offend.

When visiting villages we at first ensure that our presence is welcome rather than simply descending en masse and overwhelming the local people, as many of whom may not have seen western travellers before. In exchange for allowing us an insight into their lives we bring gifts of items that are hard to come by for semi-nomadic people, such as soap and tea, which are gratefully received by the women of the families. We feel that it is very important not to intrude upon the lives of these people and so will only stop at settlements that we know are happy to receive visitors.

We work with Chadian drivers and guides, and at the end of each tour travellers are able to leave any unwanted clothes that they can then distribute.


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