Photography holiday on Easter Island

“A week long photography holiday on Easter Island, with a professional photographer and expert guide. A great way to explore the moai statues and learn about the Rapa Nui culture.”


Hanga Roa village | Rapa Nui archaeological sites | Moai statues | Rano Raraku volcano | Orongo ceremonial village | Professional photography tutor and guide | Ahu Nau Nau | Ahu Tongariki | Poike volcano | Terevaka volcano

Description of Photography holiday on Easter Island

This photography holiday on Easter Island is a tailor made holiday, with an itinerary to suit the interests of our guests. Travelling with a professional photographer and guide, this is a wonderful way to explore the unique Chilean Easter Island. Famous for its iconic moai monoliths, carved by the islandís indigenous Rapa Nui people, we will also spend time understanding the peopleís contemporary culture and lifestyles on the island.

We welcome all keen photographers on this holiday, even if you are a beginner. Working with our very experienced tutor, Bruce Percy, you will explore all sides of the island, a place that Bruce has photographed extensively. So, as well as being an expert in photographic technique, he also has a great knowledge of the island, one of the planetís most isolated yet still inhabited islands. Bruce will lead you to the great statues, but also explore volcanoes, ceremonial sites, rock carvings and ancient buildings or caves.

Easter Island is small and access to sites is straight forward, travelling around in a hire car with your guide. If Bruce is not available, we will use local photography guides. Please note we only use services owned by the islandís Rapa Nui people such as hotels, restaurants and transport.

Hello. If you'd like to chat about this holiday or need help finding one we're very happy to help. Rosy & team.

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Departure information

This trip is can be tailor made to depart anytime to suit you

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Photography holiday on Easter Island

We are committed to working in conjunction with the local community on this photographic tour. We only use services owned by local Rapa Nui people such as hotels, restaurants and transport, paying a fair price for those services. We use local Rapa Nui tour guides. We keep groups small (maximum 8) to minimise environmental impact. We buy fresh local produce for all of our treks from markets and small shops in each departure town. In preference we choose local over imported goods and use public transport whenever possible and feasible.

On all our tours we aim to minimize waste by using products with minimum packaging, leaving no litter and keeping all water sources clean. In the UK office we use recyclable and recycled materials when possible. We recycle what we can and attempt to keep waste to an absolute minimum. We promote paper saving by using email as much as possible and by keeping unwanted mail to a minimum. We use low-energy light bulbs, fair-trade and biodegradable products where possible. We are involved in on-going training of the staff we work with in the UK and in the Andes to ensure as high as possible standards of environmental care and responsible behaviour.

We have teamed up with Rainforest Concern to enable travellers to take meaningful action to compensate for their carbon footprint. Rainforest Concern has an excellent track record of protecting tropical rainforests and the indigenous peoples who live in them. It is a registered charity which uses funds donated by businesses and individuals to purchase and protect rainforests rich in biodiversity. Thirteen projects are currently ongoing across nine countries, primarily in South America. Work includes conserving habitats, reforesting logged areas and helping communities develop alternative ways of generating income. We encourage all clients to make a donation at the time of booking Ė suggested amounts being £5 per short haul flight and £20 for longer distances. We donate a percentage of our profits to the Huchuy Yachaq social project in Cusco and we also make a contribution for school equipment to our Porter's Project at Kallarayan.

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