Iran holidays, small group tours

A ten day tour around the cultural treasures and beautiful natural landscapes of this fascinating and often misunderstood nation, with a small group of likeminded travellers and an expert guide.
Tehran Shiraz Persepolis Pasargadae Abarku Yazd Isfahan Naghshe Jahan Kashan
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Description of Iran holidays, small group tours

This Iran holiday takes you on a small group tour around this incredible country, taking in its top highlights. Often maligned in the international press, Iran is a country that travellers rave about for its warmth, its hospitality, its natural beauty and its rich history and culture.

Your journey will explore the magnificent cities, mosques and tombs that are the legacy of the once mighty Persian Empire. Starting in lively, modern Tehran, youll fly south to Shiraz, once the capital of Iran and the birthplace of two of its greatest poets, Hafez (1324-1391) and Sadi (1209-1291). Then youll move on to ancient Persepolis, a vast city constructed around 512 BC by Darius I, ruler of the Achaemenian Empire, to serve as a summer capital. Before returning to Tehran, youll visit Yazd, a desert oasis and holy city for Zoroastrians, as well as Isfahan, a gracious city renowned for its mosques, minarets and bridges.

These ancient sites are sure to inspire, but they arent the only highlight of your trip. Equally as inspiring (and also surprising) are the snow-capped mountains, sprawling deserts, lush oases and friendly local people, who are always keen to engage.


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2280 excluding flights
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1 Reviews of Iran holidays, small group tours

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 12 May 2019 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday?

Visiting Persepolis and Yazd

2. What tips would you give other travellers booking this holiday?

Be patient. The group dynamics can be unnerving if you are the one who joins later than the others

3. Did you feel that your holiday benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

To an extent

4. Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall?

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


The natural landscapes we explore are some of the richest, often most challenging, yet at the same time some of the most fragile environments on earth. With education, experienced leadership and appropriate equipment and techniques, it is possible to travel responsibly through these regions. For us, it is critically important that such wilderness travel experiences do not diminish the natural values of the environment.

Our environmental sustainable principles: true sustainability is a guiding aspect in all aspects of our business planning and operations. Specifically our tour operations should be managed in a way where the natural and cultural values of the host region are undiminished in the long-term. Where possible, we engage in partnerships with local environmental groups and/or land managers to actively campaign for conservation or promote environmental protection and/or rehabilitation.

Our Responsible Travel Guidebook: Our philosophy since 1975 has been to leave only footprints and take only photographs. To reiterate this, every customer who travels with us receives a copy of our award-winning Responsible Travel guidebook. This detailed book outlines our environmentally sustainable principles, and outlines how each customer can minimize their impact while traveling.

Global Warming and Carbon Balancing: The root cause of Global Warming is society's dependence on emission creating fossil fuel. Planting trees is not going to reverse this trend or cancel our carbon emissions very quickly or effectively. We believe the way to reduce these dependencies is to create clean energy production. Therefore, we support renewable energy projects like wind and solar power, and we are aligned with Climate Friendly, the gold standard setter in effective, meaningful action addressing climate change. So, while we believe that tree planting can play a small role in greenhouse gas abatement, we have gone the extra mile in promoting a longer term solution. Is this cheap? No. Is it responsible? Absolutely!


On this trip our locally employed guide will help you to immerse yourself in the vibrant and rich cultural history of Iran and assist you with many opportunities for genuine cultural exchange as you discover the magnificent legacies of the Persian Empires.

As you travel through the country there are numerous opportunities for spontaneous engagement with locals. You will be carefully guided by our local guides to the most appropriate behaviour and attire at these various sites. Many of the communities that we visit maintain their traditions and hold strict religious and sacred beliefs and your guide will guide you to ensure we experience these sensitively. This understanding of cultural differences means that our clients are treated as welcomed guests and also means that future visitors will also share an equally warm welcome.

During our stay we overnight in many local accommodations which would otherwise earn nothing from foreign tourist dollars. Your guide will assist you with where to make purchases that directly benefit the local communities that otherwise never benefit from tourism income.

Traveling as a small group means we will minimise our impact on the smaller communities we visit. Our leader will thoroughly brief you on what is responsible and acceptable in Iran when you arrive and all travelers are provided with our award-winning 20 page Responsible Travel Booklet which outlines our environmental guidelines and practices and will provide you will clear details on how you can play a vital part in reducing your impact on the fragile environments and cultures around the world.

Local cash payments are becoming increasingly popular with many operators in the adventure travel industry. This policy seems to benefit the tour operators more than the local economies or the travelers, as it avoids local taxes and transfers the costs and risks of cash handling onto the travelers. In accordance with our Responsible Travel practices, we have chosen a policy of not asking for such payments.

Our philosophy since 1975 has been to leave only footprints and take only photographs. To reiterate this, every customer who travels with us receives a copy of our award-winning Responsible Travel guidebook. This detailed book outlines our environmentally sustainable principles, and outlines how each customer can minimize their impact while traveling.

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