Birdwatching holiday in France

Take out a week to go on a bird watching holiday in the idyllic countryside of western France. The guesthouse and its hosts are half the charm.
Variety of birds superb country guesthouse heated pool and terrace excellent food & wine walking cycling horse riding
1450 excluding flights
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6 Days
Tailor made
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A delightful Chambre d'Hôte catering for up to 12 guests.
Many exciting bird species in spring, early summer and autumn.
Superb food and wine, a marvellous ambiance as well as great accommodation and facilities.
All meals and drinks are included.
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Description of Birdwatching holiday in France

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1450 excluding flights
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A delightful Chambre d'Hôte catering for up to 12 guests.
Many exciting bird species in spring, early summer and autumn.
Superb food and wine, a marvellous ambiance as well as great accommodation and facilities.
All meals and drinks are included.
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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3 Reviews of Birdwatching holiday in France

4.5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 13 Jul 2018 by

Just what I needed! Plenty of wildlife around, the spotted flycatcher leaping through the garden was great, several species of dragonfly by the ford and several hummingbird hawkmoths feeding on the lavender by the pool, all to the tune of blackbirds, turtle doves and a Cetti's warbler! Read full review

Reviewed on 25 Sep 2013 by

Both my husband and myself loved our week. Lazing by and in the pool late afternoon was lovely and the weather was hot. Being able to walk littlle or miles or not at all, was good -there is no compulsion to be super active, though you can! If you want to be totally catered for and live in verdant peace for a week, but have company too-this is the place for you! Read full review

Reviewed on 23 Sep 2013 by

Excellent. It was not a thrills and spills holiday, just a quiet retreat where you are looked after. And if that is what you need, this is a place for you. Read full review

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


This holiday enables guests to enjoy the delightful countryside without adversely affecting it, to visit local places of historical, cultural and natural interest and to indulge in an abundance of wholesome local food and wine in an amicable atmosphere.

The region it has a huge diversity of birds, trees, wild flowers, animals, butterflies and aquatic creatures. Local biodiversity is almost certainly unharmed by this holiday. The local population density is only 34 inhabitants per km2 and guest capacity of the auberge is limited to 12 whereas, on the other hand, the region is vast and verdant. A balance of good soil fertility, plenty of sunshine and enough rainfall ensures that any minor upsets to the local flora and fauna are rapidly reconciled. Natural habitats are not under pressure as a result this holiday.

Food miles in respect of the superb cuisine on this holiday are very favourable, thus minimising pollution from transportation. A quantity of fresh vegetables is supplied from the nearby garden of Pierrot (we assure you that he is aware of this). Organic beef comes from Bernard who farms adjacently. Other ingredients are local as far as possible. Non-local produce comes from other parts of France and unavoidably imported food is from not too distant Spain and Morocco.

The copious quantities of wines served on this holiday (and included in the price) are local, from Anjou, Fiefs Vendéen and other wine producing areas within France. Thus the wine-miles may also be considered to be quite favourable. A Merlot sometimes served on this holiday is transported by road tanker from the Pays d'Oc, in the south-east of France, to nearby Niort where it is bottled. The wine is not harmed by this and transportation in road tankers rather than in palletized bottles provides a significant saving in the number of truck miles involved, with obvious benefits.

Little things make a difference if we are all willing to make a similar effort. Here are some small environmentally friendly things that happen on this holiday.
• An energy efficient fridge filled with beer, cider, fruit juices, soft drinks and wine is always at the free disposal of guests. The fridge also contains small bottles of mineral water, in consideration of the fact that small bottles are easy to carry. Guests are asked to refill the small bottles with the very drinkable piped water supplied from the nearby barrage at Mervent (this water has been recycled by Nature, not by Lyonnais des Eaux). Refilling the bottles saves both energy and pollution with respect to plastics manufacture, transportation and disposal.
• Food waste arising from the holiday operation is fed to the free range chickens on site, or if they won’t eat it, it is composted or recycled in conformity with the stringent requirements of the European Authorities.
• Winter heating is mainly by logs (ie renewable energy) cut from woods on the site, thereby eliminating the environmental impact of transporting the energy source.
• The post lady collects as well as delivers mail, thus eliminating the need for numerous individual journeys to the village post office.
• Packed lunches are provided in bio-degradable bags.
• The pool is heated when necessary by an energy efficient heat pump.
• At time of writing, biologically degradable cleaning products, recently available on the local market, are in use at the Chambre d'Hôte, to evaluate their efficacy.

The carbon footprint of city dwellers could well be less on this holiday compared with remaining at home. This obviously depends upon where and how a city dweller lives, however, bear in mind that the auberge exists without the need for a significant carbon emitting infrastructure – and you will be just watching birds in beautiful rural idyll.


The perception that the holiday guests here represent a social and economic asset is widely acknowledged in this remote rural community.

The holiday operation was established in 1993 at a time when rural communities in the region had declined for fifty years due to lack of economic activity. The already sparse population had diminished by up to 65%. Creation of local employment became an official objective to revitalise these communities.

The fruit farming, cattle production and timber exploitation that exist in the region are insufficient to support a population great enough in numbers to sustain local communities. The area is attractive to visitors on account of the idyllic timelessness of the countryside and the wealth of local places of historic, cultural and natural interest. (It is interesting to note that the region has been nominated by the Lonely Planet Guide as one of the top ten tourist destinations in the World for 2012). Creation of a tourist infrastructure with the associated jobs is officially seen as a means of generating additional economic activity to attract visitors to help revive and invigorate local communities.

Large amounts of public money have been invested in recent years in restoring some significant historic sites to attract visitors. Restoration work has been sympathetically carried out and dynamic ideas, together with the famous French flair for public spectacles, make the restorations come alive. These sites are well worth seeing and your visit will be appreciated.

The Chambre d'Hôte is family owned and operated within the said rural community and all revenues (with the exception of external marketing costs) are eventually expended within the community. Apart from the exception, all expenditures incurred to make this holiday possible are beneficial to the local community. Livelihoods of local suppliers, artisans and staff are sustained in part, due to the fact that all resources are local, as follows.
• Staff in connection with provision of meals, drinks and housekeeping services are local.
• Food and drinks provided for the holiday are purchased locally and much of it is produced locally.
• The holiday facilities have been acquired by an investment in the local community.
• Materials and labour for maintenance and development of the holiday facilities are procured locally.

Suppliers, artisans and staff are engaged subject to their reasonable environmental protection credentials.

The local inhabitants consider that the Chambre d'Hôte is a part of the local culture and an asset in the life of the community. Consequently guests at the Le Moulin are also locally liked and respected.

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