Ecuador and Galapagos family activity holiday

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16 Dec 2017
£ 4495
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23 Dec 2017
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Ecuador and Galapagos family activity holiday


Ecuador and the Galapagos islands are regularly used as examples within the industry of how tourism should be controlled and used to benefit the local community as much as possible, whilst also ensuring tourists get the best possible sustainable experience.

17% of Ecuador’s land is protected within 44 national parks and reserves across the country. These are all heavily monitored and regulated to protect the stunning natural areas for generations to come. In 1998 UNESCO named Ecuador as one of only 17 countries in the world classified as “mega diverse” due to the four clearly defined regions in this small country – the stunning Galapagos Islands, the warm and sunny Pacific coast, the majestic Andes mountain range and the Amazonian rain forest.

To take part in any guided activity in the National Parks, including the Galapagos Islands, by law you must be accompanied by a fully trained native guide along with your Ecuadorian guide.

During the activities the guides always monitor their guests closely to ensure that no damage is done to the natural environment or wildlife. Before any activity commences specific briefings are given to advise clients of the rules in each area and also the consequences to the environment if these rules are broken. This educational approach works much better as we find that people are happy to take responsibility if they understand the rules they are given. The activities are always carried out in designated areas which are free to use under supervision by guides. This ensures that other areas of this beautiful country are not damaged and natural habitats for animals and resources protected for as long as possible.


To live on the Galapagos Islands you must either have been born there or to have married one of the natives. This ensures that all employment generated by tourism directly benefits the local communities. Building of hotels in the Islands is heavily regulated to ensure they are environmentally friendly and as beneficial as possible to the local community as possible. You will see clear evidence of this during your visit including only native employees, use of local produce wherever possible and recommended guidelines for behaviour from the hotel guests.

The haciendas we have chosen in Ecuador have been owned by the same families for generations and have allowed them to use their fascinating heritage to continue their lifestyle in this stunning area. The lodge in the Amazon Rainforest is recommended by the Rainforest Alliance and considers protecting the local environment of utmost importance. The Hotel in Quito which is independently owned has won awards for its environmental policies.

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