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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Galapagos family adventure holiday


To take part in any guided activity in the National Parks, including the Galapagos Islands, by law you must be accompanied by a fully trained native guide along with your Ecuadorian guide. To live on the Galapagos Islands you must either have been born there or to have married one of the natives. This ensures that all employment generated by tourism directly benefits the local communities. Building of hotels in the Islands is heavily regulated to ensure they are environmentally friendly and as beneficial as possible to the local community as possible. You will see clear evidence of this during your visit including only native employees, use of local produce wherever possible and recommended guidelines for behaviour from the hotel guests.

Many companies choose to visit the Galapagos Islands and use a boat as their base to cruise around the islands. The hotels we use have been purposely built to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The hotels are built to a high standard and to be as sustainable as possible. Some examples of this include sensor activated lights in corridors, timer switches on showers and environmentally friendly products provided in bath rooms in the hotel. Their contribution to the local economy through increased employment is obvious but there are further economic benefits such as using local produce in the meals served at the hotel, the strict recycling procedures all the hotels follow and the environmentally friendly products provided in the hotel bathrooms such as soaps and shower gels which are designed not to harm the environment when they have been used.


Tourism has had an effect on the Galapagos Islands and their isolated communities. This development has been handled in such a way that the local community has been hugely involved and have taken on a supervisory role to visitors. Even when accompanied by a native Ecuadorian Guide as soon as the groups take part in any activity on the island they are supervised by a thoroughly trained local guide. This training also extends to the local inhabitants of the islands who, as the vast majority have never left the islands, have no idea just how special this part of the world is.

Since this training has been taking place the islands inhabitants have begun to change their behaviour in order to protect this wonderful natural resource. The local schools have also placed much more importance on protecting and studying the local environment and this has seen a marked change in the behaviour of not only their students but of their families and other people within the community.

The increased numbers of tourists to the islands has generated an influx of small, independently owned bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and cafes. Many of these shops have been established by members of the local community and all employees are local residents due to the strict regulations restricting non Galapaganian individuals working on the islands. There are endless benefits to the local community through the controlled introduction of tourism including taxi drivers for airport transfers, employees at the newly constructed visitorís centres and employment of all levels in the various hotels and restaurants.

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