Packing for travelling

Chloe Mckellar, from our supplier Rickshaw Travel, offers advice on overland travel on public coaches: “Coaches can get really cold, due to excessive air-conditioning, and journeys can take a long time. Pack accordingly with jumpers, snacks, water and entertainment.”
Danniell Saunders, Director at Encounters Travel: “A travel pillow is a must. Often you have longer rides and it is always nice to be able to catch a few zzz’s. Also a good quality eye mask and earplugs are essential.”

Emma Heywood, co-founder of Undiscovered Montenegro: “I always recommend guests bring a reusable water bottle. It is the most important thing to have in your daypack when out and about. Montenegro is rich in absolutely gorgeous spring water so there really is no need to buy water.”
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Time well spent

Emma Heywood, co-founder of our supplier Undiscovered Montenegro, offers accommodation advice: “Montenegro is a small country. Think about basing yourself in one location and making side trips from there. I see a lot of tourists rushing around trying to pack it all in rather than relaxing into one place and getting a deeper kind of experience.”
Tom Smith, from our budget adventure supplier Intrepid Travel:“Take your time. The more time you have to do the trip in, the less likely you’ll have to take the quicker option for transport, which is often more expensive. Also, having a local guide means you’ve got a wealth of local knowledge right in front of you. They’ll know the most cost-effective places to eat, drink or buy souvenirs.”

Get more for less

Danniell Saunders, Director at our supplier and budget travel specialist, Encounters Travel: “Budget adventures obviously mean you'll be paying less but also you often get to do and see things from a different perspective as you may be staying in places off the beaten path and using methods of transport usually used by local people.”

National Park life

Ana Vujakovic from our Croatian supplier, Huck Finn Adventure Travel: “If you plan to visit national parks, it is good to check their opening times in advance. In the summer months it is not something that should be a problem since they have longer working hours, but arriving early in the morning (just after opening) will help you see the park before other visitors arrive. Also, travelling with a local operator can help avoid long lines and pick out the best spots to see. One of the national parks we recommend is Velebit – interesting for its biodiversity and untouched nature as well as no crowds.”
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Written by Chris Owen
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