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There are plenty of things to look out for when choosing your next budget adventure. What's included as part of a tour can be just as important as what's not included with optional activities giving you the chance to pick and choose rather than paying in advance for something you may not wish to take part in. Small group trips, sailing in Greece, for example, may sometimes require a kitty to be set up – usually no more than about EUR60 – whereas tailor made tours in Vietnam, for instance, might include a tour of street food markets, so you'll want to factor in costs for food, if not included. Will you be required to make a local payment for the services of a guide or will a guide have been arranged in advance with costs and tips factored in? Can you choose which standard of accommodation you prefer and will it be possible to share a room to avoid paying single supplements if travelling solo? Tailor made trips, by nature, will usually be slightly more expensive than small group alternatives; however, can you tailor a tour to take out all the optional extras and the luxuries so you can come in under budget and still have funds to spend when you're on holiday?

Transport – public or private?

Your mode of transport you take will impact on your budget, with overnight sleeper trains knocking off two birds with one stone i.e. accommodation and travelling long distances. Flights, too, should also be taken into consideration. The majority of holidays on Responsible Travel don't have flights included so which company you choose to fly with, and whether they actually land where you want them to, is another thing to watch out for, as long transfers can easily turn a cheap flight into a rather pricey one. Public buses and ferries are certainly a more affordable, and often more adventurous, form of transport than private cars or taxis, but can take a little longer.

When to go

Which time of year you choose to take a budget adventure holiday will be reflected within the price. Northern hemisphere summer holidays, in July and August, bump up travel and accommodation costs across Europe whereas Antipodean school breaks in December and January will have the same effect if you're travelling Down Under.
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Local prices

Local living costs are also something worth remembering when trying to remain in budget and Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam and Cambodia, can often come in cheaper, despite the long distance flight costs, than some places in Europe, especially if staying within capital cities. Greece, however, is one such European destination that's not going to break the bank, and is well worth thinking about if you've always fancied island hopping on a small sailboat. Croatia and Montenegro are also affordable European destinations, certainly if you're staying in rural areas amongst the mountains, away from the more expensive coast.

When to budget – & when not to

Although it can be tempting to go it alone, cut corners and avoid paying extra costs for guides, insurance and safety equipment, don't underestimate the importance of your own safety. Although budget adventures sound a bit risky they should be anything but. By ensuring you know what's included and what's not, you can plan your budget accordingly whilst also factoring in the benefits of expert advice when it comes to peace of mind and having the best experience possible for the best possible price. Don't cut corners when it comes to safety, as you might well find things costing a whole lot more in the event of a worst case scenario.
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Written by Chris Owen
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