Cirali beach holidays guide

No nightclubs. No banana boats or jet skis. Nothing, in fact, besides the gentle ripple of waves on the beach, the clucking of chickens and the occasional plump orange falling from a tree. Welcome to one of Turkey’s best-kept secrets, the resort of Cirali – pronounced ‘cheer-a-lay’ – on the sun-splashed Antalya coast.
A perfect spot for a peaceful family getaway, the Cirali vibe is so laidback even the friendly local dogs can barely rouse themselves to beg for scraps.
Cirali beach is refreshingly undeveloped, at least in part due to the endangered turtles that lay their eggs in the sand every summer. There are charming wooden cabins to stay in that blend into the trees, the 3.5km strand of shingle beach is perfectly safe for swimming, and the village of Cirali itself is just a short walk away – what more could you desire? Discover ancient ruins, burning mountains and rural splendor on a holiday you won’t want to end. Find out more in our Cirali beach holidays guide.

What does a Cirali beach holiday entail?

Where will I be staying?

The typical Cirali beach accommodations are spacious, traditional wooden cabins usually blending into the trees so well that, from the water, you would barely notice any sign of human development in the area. Cabins will typically sleep up to four people, but there are larger family villas available. Standard amenities include en suite bathrooms, air conditioning, private porches (some with hammocks) and kitchens. Several accommodations are dog friendly, while others may offer access to a communal swimming pool. To sum up then, rustic comfort by the bucketload.

Do I need a car?

Everything you’ll need at Cirali is within easy walking distance, but a hire car can be useful if you want to head further afield on day trips, such as to Phaselis which has a few picturesque coves that are lovely for swimming. Cirali is around a 90 minute drive from Antalya, the closest international airport, where cars can be hired at reasonable rates. Most Cirali beach holiday providers will also offer airport transfers for a supplement however.

Our top Cirali beach Holiday

Cirali beach self catering wooden chalets, Turkey

Cirali beach self catering wooden chalets, Turkey

Self catering beach chalets near the beautiful Cirali Beach

From £900 to £1200 per week (sleeps 2-4)
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Eating arrangements

Most Cirali beach accommodations provide their guests with an ample Turkish breakfast every morning, which you can linger over for hours if you like, and some can also offer evening meals. Ingredients are usually locally sourced, organic and wonderfully fresh. Otherwise there are plenty of restaurants in the area, and tavernas close to the sea serving seafood dishes. The village has an ATM, a supermarket, some trendy bakeries and a few fruit and veg stands where you can buy ingredients if you opt for a self-catering holiday – many Cirali beach cabins have fully fitted modern kitchens.

Is Cirali good for families?

Cirali beach holidays are fantastic for families with kids of all ages. It’s a relaxed, safe environment for babies and toddlers, while older children have masses to entertain them from toasting marshmallows in the fires of Chimaera, the small flames that blaze on the rocky slopes of Mount Olympos, to swimming in calm water. It is worth pointing out too that any members of the family with mobility issues will find Cirali to be generally quite accessible, at least as far as the chalets, village and beach are concerned. Our holiday suppliers are happy to assist with advice if required.
Written by Rob Perkins
Photo credits: Lisa Joanes [Where will I be staying?: Journey Anatolia] [Eating arrangements: Journey Anatolia]