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Get back to nature

Dominica is often referred to as the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’, and having a wildlife holiday guided by the island’s best naturalists means you will be in expert hands. Hands that will point out whales and dolphins along the Caribbean coast, kingfishers or iguanas along the Indian River in Cabrits National Park, or endemic parrots in Morne Diablotin National Park. The Syndicate Rainforest is like a green rather than red carpet that lines the route up to this majestic, eponymous peak, home to a bevy of birds and butterflies. These include the endangered sisserou (imperial amazon) and Jaco (red-necked) parrots.

Or head to the beaches of Rosalie, La Paine Bout Sable and Londonderry for turtle watching delights too. And for a finale, Dominica has whale watching all year round, with underwater topography offering suitably deep habitats for approximately 200 sperm whales to feed and breed, with a cacophony of other cetaceans joining the party from time to time.
Not just a museum, but a land belonging to the indigenous Kalinago. This is a place to look beyond the souvenirs and learn from stories.

Meet the people of the Caribbean

The only indigenous peoplesí reserve in the Caribbean belongs to the Kalinago, of whom there are over 3,400. Named Caribs by the Europeans, visit the Kalinago Territory to get a real sense of Dominicaís living and ancient heritage, be it cookery or craft, politics or performances, farming or fishing. The Kalinago Barana AutÍ Cultural Village is the tourist hub, but there are other villages to visit, either for daytrips or homestays.

Waitukubuli National Trail (WNT)

It is hardly surprising that hiking holidays are some of our most popular in Dominica, thanks to its, literally, trail blazing Waitukubuli National Trail (WNT). Named after the indigenous name for the country, which means 'tall is her body', the WNT takes you the length of this island's beautiful body, from Scott's Head in the south to Cabrits National Park in the north. Divided into 14 segments, and 185km long, the aim is that it takes visitors a day to tackle each one.

The first long distance walking trail in the Caribbean, there is an excellent network of locally trained "Dominica Discover Authority" (DDA) certified guides to take you through rainforest, the indigenous Kalinago community, up volcanic terrain and back down to cool off in waterfall pools. And all created by the island community, to bring tourism into beautiful spots that were off the tourist trail until the creation of the WNT. Damage caused by Hurricane Maria closed the trail in 2017, but repair work is ongoing and progressing well.

Our top Dominica Holiday

Walking and sightseeing holiday in Dominica

Walking and sightseeing holiday in Dominica

An easy holiday on the rugged Caribbean island of Dominica

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The waters bubble with geothermal activity. Champagne Reef is gorgeous, but the vast submerged crater with underwater fumaroles at Scott's Head is like a geography trip that is far too cool for school.

Sub-aqua sublimity

Dominicaís topography doesnít stop at the sea, with underwater volcanoes proffering perfect habitats for lobster, sponges, seahorses, morays, turtles and fish galore. Dives are varied, with the Caribbean on one side of the island, and the Atlantic on the other, meeting on the southernmost tip at Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve.

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Written by Catherine Mack
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