Things to do in Egypt


Felucca trips

These traditional wooden boats, powered usually by sail, although sometimes by oars, became popular on the Nile because of the cataracts, or shallow sand banks that appear at certain locations. Only navigable by sail boat, you will see lots of white sails wafting along the river, particularly around Aswan, taking people either for a day trip, or for a few days along the world’s most famous river.

An ancient arcadia

The words ancient and Egypt are almost synonymous and so cultural holidays are what it’s all about. We don’t need to spell it out in hieroglyphics. The pyramids, Sphinx, and Valley of the Kings are not only iconic but also highly protected by UNESCO along with Abu Mena, Historic Cairo, Saint Catherine and the Nubian monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae, the former having been rescued by UNESCO from submersion when the Aswan Dam was built. Egypt’s archaeological wonders can get packed with coach loads, but arrive early or stay late, avoid the light shows, and absorb their greatness in a tranquil way. They are vast so there is always somewhere to sit in silence. It is also worth noting that a lot of Egypt’s ancient sites have been made accessible for people with various disabilities - particularly mobility issues.

Nubian villages

This indigenous people’s ancient villages and fertile lands were destroyed when the Aswan High Dam was built in the 1960’s and the newly created reservoir, Lake Nasser submerged places of great historic significance. Displaced and discriminated against, their culture is being revived and their villages opening up to tourism. Help give them a voice. And if you can hear them sing, you will hear what fine voices they are too.

Diving in the Red Sea

It’s easy to lose yourself in Egypt’s astounding history, but the Red Sea – a flawless stretch of water known for its shallow shelves that play host to all sorts of marine life and coral – is more than worth exploring over a couple of days. Visibility here is said to be triple the distance you get on the Great Barrier Reef, and so it definitely merits its status as one of the best places to dive in the world. You don’t have to go to Sharm to scuba dive either, but seek out some of the smaller places such as Dahab. Very popular with families and beginners because you can start off on shore and progress very quickly, as the depths drop sufficiently without having to go out to sea.
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Photo credits: [An ancient arcadia: David Stanley] [Diving: Derek Keats] [Nubian villages : Ernest McGray, Jr.] [Felucca trips: Michael Gwyther-Jones]

Written by: Catherine Mack and Polly Humphris
Nile cruise holiday in Egypt

Nile cruise holiday in Egypt

Discover ancient temples & tombs & travel by Nile cruise boat

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Egypt cultural holiday, small group

Egypt cultural holiday, small group

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Egypt Nile and Red Sea Tours

Egypt Nile and Red Sea Tours

Cairo, Giza, Luxor & Aswan Nile Cruise & Red Sea Holiday

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Highlights of Egypt holiday

Highlights of Egypt holiday

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Egypt small group tour, Alexandria & Nile cruise

Egypt small group tour, Alexandria & Nile cruise

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Egypt & Jordan small group tour

Egypt & Jordan small group tour

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