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Tips on small group travel

Tips on small group travel

Steph Millington, from our supplier Intrepid Travel:
“A small group creates a social vibe and allows you to connect with people you meet along the way without feeling like you’re just a face in the crowd. It allows you to stay in smaller, family run hotels with character, travel on local transport easily and avoid touristy restaurants by eating at smaller venues, with local people. You’ll usually have some free time on itineraries but you might also find you’ll spend time socialising with fellow travellers rather than heading off on your own. Travel with an open mind, a sense of humour, a spirit of adventure and grab opportunities as they’re presented.”
Cities from Prague to Budapest

Cities from Prague to Budapest

Vivien Urban, from our supplier Exodus:
“The four capitals that you visit on this itinerary each have their own very unique history, culture and architecture. Certainly history is a major element of what makes this trip so interesting, as these countries have a fascinating past. Cycling along the Danube is also a great experience for cyclists. And last but not least the food and drinks. It’s a good opportunity to try the famous Czech beer and the Hungarian goulash – just to name a few.”
Cycling from Prague to Budapest

What to expect when cycling from Prague to Budapest

Vivien Urban from our supplier Exodus:
“The terrain is approximately 80 percent tarmac and 20 percent gravel cycling path, over an undulating route. This is a moderate cycling trip and on some day we ride up to 70km (averaging 56km per day) so you do need a reasonable level of fitness. However, there is a support vehicle on this trip in case anyone is tired, or just wants a break but doesn’t want to catch up. It is also worth noting that while we try to cycle on quiet roads wherever possible, there are some busy sections as well. Again, if someone does not feel comfortable with that, they can skip those parts and stay on the bus. We always say that some cycling practice beforehand doesn’t hurt, but it’s not essential if you’re reasonably fit.”

Our top European tour Holiday

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania holiday

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania holiday

Journey through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 12 days

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Small group travel:
2021: 30 May, 10 Jun, 16 Jun, 20 Jun, 30 Jun, 7 Jul, 21 Jul, 28 Jul, 11 Aug, 18 Aug, 25 Aug, 5 Sep, 8 Sep, 22 Sep, 17 Nov
2022: 20 Apr, 8 May, 18 May, 26 May, 29 May, 9 Jun, 15 Jun, 19 Jun, 29 Jun, 13 Jul, 20 Jul, 27 Jul, 31 Jul, 7 Aug, 10 Aug, 17 Aug, 24 Aug, 4 Sep, 7 Sep, 21 Sep
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Making the most of the Baltics

Making the most of the Baltics

Natasha Black from our supplier Exodus:
“We suggest cycling in the Baltics during May, June and September when the region tends to be less crowded and also not so hot. Another recommendation is to consider adding an extra day in the city where you begin or finish, such as Tallinn and Vilnius. These are beautiful capitals and one or two nights are not enough to fully get acquainted with them. The Seaplane Harbour museum in Tallinn and the KGB museum in Vilnius are sites worth visiting during those additional days.”
Highlights of the Baltics

Highlights of a tour around the Baltic states

Natasha Black from our supplier Exodus:
“What’s so special about the Baltics is that you have this perfect combination of different historic periods and beautiful nature, so it appeals to a wide cross-section of people. Highlights include Trakai Castle, C?sis Castle, Laahema National Park, Gauja National Park, the Curonian Spit, the UNESCO-rated old towns with their unique architecture. Meals are not included in these tours however our tour leaders can always recommend nice restaurants you can try local meals and drinks. This gives a nice touch for the trip. For example: local smoked fish tasting in the Curonian Spit.”
Written by Rob Perkins
Photo credits: [Page banner: zkbld] [Budapest nightlife: Daniel Edwins] [Hungarian goulash: Rezwalker ] [Group cycling: Dainis Matisons] [Vilnius: aivas14] [Trakai Castle - Lithuania: Kyle Taylor]
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