Pacific Islands tour

Pacific Islands tour

Discover some of the world's smallest nations
From 10,450 27 days ex flights
Small group travel: 2018: 19 Jul, 4 Oct
2019: 27 Jun, 3 Oct
Fiji walking tour

Fiji walking tour

Explore island life on foot as you venture into the jungle.
From AU $1,240 5 days ex flights
Small group travel: 2018: 11 Aug, 6 Sep
Fiji cycling holiday

Fiji cycling holiday

Ride, Snorkel, Swim and explore the real Fiji by bike.
From NZ $2,590 9 days ex flights
Small group travel: 2018: 10 Aug, 20 Aug
2019: 2 Aug, 12 Aug
Escape Winter! Join us cycle touring in Fiji for a different kind of tropical island holiday! $100 off the last remaining spots on August 10-18 tour only.
    Fiji walking tour
    AU $1,240
    excluding flights
    Memorable parts? Snorkelling amongst the beautiful Fijian corals and reef fish then hiking into remote, but welcoming, Highland Villages to experience traditional customs and rarely visited landscapes. Tips? Relax, bring a smile and be friendly, polite and outgoing. Local benefits? The holiday provided economic opportunities, on a low impact level, to remote communities and money was also donated to Nature Fiji. Leleuvia Island has adopted a no plastic bag policy and the... (more)Malcolm Fisher
    Photo credits: [Page banner: Chris Isherwood]
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