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Fuerteventura activities
Carlos Rivero
Carlos Ribeiro on horseriding on Fuerteventura
"When you go into the mountains with the horses you can see so far - the ocean on all sides - it's a very, very special place" [2:52]

Jesus Marrero
Walking guide Jesus Marrero on what makes Fuerteventura so special...
"Walking is a wonderful activity here... we nearly always have sun, and there's the trade wind which blows and keeps the temperatures comfortable" [2:30]

Ralph Baertle
Cycle tour operator Ralph Baertle on seeing Fuerteventura from 2 wheels
"We have good empty roads for cycling - and it is always summer temperatures here" [1:36]

Robert Randerman
Walking guide Robert Randerman on Fuerteventura walking
"Fuerteventura has nicest beaches in the whole Canaries with colours like the Caribbean" [2:57]

Fuerteventura history & culture
Augustin Martinez
Augustin Martinez Garcia on the history of Fuerteventura
"We have such an enormous potential here for sustainable high quality tourism" [2:59]

David Chacon
Mountain park guard David Chocon on podomorphs & Tindaya
"I love the mountains and in fact the entire landscape of Fuerteventura - it is so different and unique" [2:34]

Miguel Darias
Miguel Darias on traditional Fuerteventura life
"I am happy here in my village - I know everyone and it's quiet - it's so peaceful here in the hills" [2:45]

Fuerteventura food
Goat farmer Jose Hernandez on making Fuerteventura's goats cheese
"Despite the changes in our lives here over the past twenty years we have managed to keep our traditions alive" [1:55]

Jorge Rodriquez
Miller Jorge Rodriquez on the windmills on Fuerteventura
"The ground corn and wheat meal or gofio I produce here from this windmill is really tasty - we are harnessing the force of nature, it's the best way" [2:31]

Marcos Gutierrez Vera
Chef Marcos Gutierrez on Fuerteventura cuisine
"The cuisine of Fuerteventura is based on fish, and goat really. It's a very healthy sort of cooking - we use many herbs" [2:37]

Fuerteventura nature
Achille Le Cartier
Achille Le Cartier on nature on Fuerteventura
"I came here for the life we no longer have in Europe - the freedom and the nature" [2:59]

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana on whale watching on Fuerteventura
"We have a really nice sea here - very clean water and plenty of sea life; difference kinds of fish" [1:23]

Tony Gallardo
Head of the Environment Agency, Tony Gallardo on Fuerteventura's biodiversity
"This is one of the best places on earth to observe the biodiversity of the planet" [4:44]

Julie Ayres
Julie Ayres on Fuerteventura's beaches, caves & tourism
"There's about 250 beaches and even in the summer months you can go to one and not see a soul on them" [1:46]

Fuerteventura watersports
Julie Ayres
Instructor Davide Zilli on why Fuerteventura is perfect for windsurfing
"This is one of the best places in the world to go windsurfing - from beginners to professionals" [1:02]

Jens Pogel
Jens Pogel on kiteboarding on Fuerteventura
"This is the perfect place for windsurfing and kiteboarding for we have year round trade winds and good weather" [3:32]

Miguel Abella
Miguel Abella on diving Fuerteventura's waters
"I have been diving here for thirty years - but every dive is different. You see something new every time" [4:12]

Peter Brabants
Peter Brabants on Fuerteventura's windsurfing opportunities
"The perfect surf spots we have are never crowded - not even on a busy day... it's just heaven" [2:32]

What makes Fuerteventura special
Peter Brabants
Peter Brabants, Surf school owner
"In the interior of the island there are really some magnificent villages, really old ones, with typical colours and typical houses" [1:55]

Davide Zilli
Davide Zilli, Windsurf instructor
"Fuerteventura is like paradise; for your life it's the best quality... it's a cheap life and everybody is really, really friendly" [0:17]

Jesus Marrero
Jesus Marrero, Walking guide
"The island is virtually untouched; we have wonderful beaches, a fantastic climate and the west coast, which really is a treasure trove of rugged cliffs" [1:12]

Robert Randerman
Robert Randerman, Walking guide
"The beauty of the island is really the quiet places; it's no stress... it's all about calming down. It's just very relaxing" [0:38]

Miguel Abella
Miguel Abella, Diver
"I've been diving here for thirty years and I never tire of it... every dive is different. You see something new every time" [0:18]

Tony Gallardo
Tony Gallardo, Head of the Environment Agency
"Fuerteventura Biosphere Reserve is one of the best gambles that we make for the future... one of 500 places in the world working to sustain the planet" [0:51]

David Chacon
David Chacon, Mountain park guard
"I love the mountains... the colours are so dramatic; from the yellow sands of the dunes to the dark, black rocks of the mountains and hills" [0:52]
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Cooking holiday in Fuertaventura

Cooking holiday in Fuertaventura

Natural and solar cooking in a desert oasis

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