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Celebrate Winter Activities

Christmas markets around the world might try and summon up the magic of winter annually, but there is nowhere other than Lapland to which the term ‘winter wonderland’ truly applies. The region’s major appeal lies in the fact that it’s vast – a huge snowy expanse of frozen Arctic tundra, spectacular lakes, dramatic mountains and dense forest – all a playground for winter activities where space is plentiful and people are not.

Nothing screams classic Lapland more than a husky-pulled sleigh gliding through Christmas card scenery with only the soft padding of paws and the satisfying swish of the sled runners to break the sacred silence. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing allow you to get up close and personal with the local landscape, their tracks criss-crossing natural nooks that you couldn’t access by road. Local reindeer herders are keen to share their tales as you experience a sleigh ride, and when you start to feel the chill, jump in a proper sauna – a cultural institution across Lapland and a relaxing way to warm yourself through.

Wonderful wilderness

There’s an imagined picture of wilderness and then there’s Lappish wilderness, which takes that blissful picture and multiplies it by about a million.

Just as the geographical borders across Lapland aren’t recognised within the Sámi heritage, so too the unbelievable wilderness of each far northern destination blends into one giant sweep of heavenly space that extends further than the eye can see. It’s easy to imagine this in endless stretches of white snow punctuated only by frost-capped trees – a real Narnia – and this is absolutely true of winter, when everything is bathed in a bright blanket of crisp white and shimmering light. But Lapland’s sensational wilderness factor is as well illustrated by summer too when the snow lifts revealing a playground of mountains, lakes and fjords all framed by a vibrant palette of glowing green.
The wild beauty and age-old culture of Samiland is by far the most magical aspect of any trip there.

Meet the locals

The only way to truly experience Sámi culture is to give it the time and respect it deserves; it’s not something that can or should be rushed and is far greater understood by living and learning alongside the Sámi – you can organise some incredible experiences alongside Sámi families who will welcome you to join in their daily lives, sharing stories of their beautiful, ancient lifestyle.

Our top Lapland Holiday

Husky safari in Finland

Husky safari in Finland

Sled with huskies through spectacular Finnish scenery

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With little light pollution, Lapland offers optimal conditions to catch the Northern Lights shimmering above pristine snow-fields or gorgeous reflective lakes.

Watch the light fantastic

Try the Abisko National Park; as Sweden’s driest place its Aurora Sky Station offers prime viewing possibilities from Oct-March. Finnish Lapland’s almost spookily clear skies make it one of the best places in the world to hunt the display down – on a good day, you’ll see stair rods of blue, green, red, pink and yellow light dancing above; an absolutely amazing sight. Browse our Northern Lights holidays here.
Written by Polly Humphris
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