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Small group holidays to Madagascar

Small group holidays to Madagascar

Experience the best of this enigmatic island continent
From £2,595 17 days ex flights
Small group travel: 2017: 27 Jul, 7 Sep, 12 Oct, 2 Nov
2018: 18 May, 21 Jun, 2 Aug, 6 Sep, 11 Oct
£100 off November small group tour
Trekking and rafting expedition in Madagascar

Trekking and rafting expedition in Madagascar

Unique expedition exploring the little visited regions of Madagascar
From £1,895 12 days ex flights
Small group travel: 2017: 13 Aug, 17 Sep, 21 Oct
2018: 21 Sep, 20 Oct, 22 Dec
Last chance to secure this once in a lifetime adventure trip to Madagascar on September 17th 2017. Trek along the East Coast and have an unforgettable experience! Now with £100 off.
    Small group holidays to Madagascar
    excluding flights
    So many highlights. It was wonderful to see such a variety of lemurs, chameleons and other wildlife (including a fossa!)... It may have been the best trip of my life. (more)Lorena Sutherland
    An excellent holiday, one of my best for many years.... I shared the holiday with wonderful group of co-travellers, who all gelled and got along from day one. The nature and wildlife of Madagascar were fantastic, discovering new things and creatures on a daily basis. I would totally recommend this trip to any nature lover. (more)David Ward
    Wonderful tho' it was to see wildlife in natural habitate, the standout thing for me was the wonderful people I met and catching a glimpse into their customs and cultures. (more)Stephanie Diggon
    Trekking and rafting expedition in Madagascar
    excluding flights
    There were too many wonderful experiences to pick out just one as the most memorable or exciting! Some of the many highlights for me included: seeing so many different kinds of lemurs and chameleons; the extraordinary limestone Tsingy...... (more)Catherine Nursaw
    Excellent... witnessing the Indri lemurs calling to each other in the trees in front of us and rafting the river rapids were probably my top two memories (more)Kerry Abbiss
    Everything, perhaps taking the freight train at 2am alongside mountains of bananas. From the point of landing to our sad farewells it was an unforgettable adventure...Unforgettable. (more)David Phillips
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