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Whale Shark conservation in the Maldives

Whale Shark conservation in the Maldives

Help in vital research with the magnificent whale shark
From 1,570 to 2,860 14 days ex flights
Small group travel: 2018: 18 Feb, 4 Mar, 15 Apr, 29 Apr, 13 May, 24 Jun, 8 Jul, 22 Jul, 5 Aug, 19 Aug, 16 Sep, 30 Sep, 14 Oct, 28 Oct, 11 Nov, 25 Nov, 9 Dec
    Whale Shark conservation in the Maldives
    excluding flights
    Memorable parts? Swimming with the megafauna (whale sharks and manta) Tips? Practice snorkelling beforehand if you're not used to it, but if you are, then you'll be fine. If seasick in the slightest, bring the necessary medicine; you don't want to waste boat time being ill. If sensitive to the sun, be prepared to put on lots of sunscreen frequently, and take seriously covering up against the sun. Local benefits? I think the program does support the local island economy.... (more)Nuraini Arsad
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