North Carolina family vacations

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North Carolina family vacations are ideal for any child who likes outdoor adventure or cultural history. Or winter snow, or summer sun. Who likes paddling, or swimming, or kayaking, or rafting. Who likes mountain biking, or zip lining. Who loves eating barbecue – or just building sandcastles on the beach. North Carolina offers the kind of carefree outdoor lifestyle that many parents remember from their own childhood – and that’s what lures families to this astounding, nature-rich state.
And with kids so busy, entertained, educated and fulfilled – we’re pretty sure that a North Carolina family vacation is ideal for parents, too.

Family activities in North Carolina

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The legend of Blackbeard
History’s most notorious pirate, the fearsome Blackbeard, once resided in North Carolina. Artifacts from his ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, can be seen in the Maritime Museum at Beaufort, while Ocracoke Island was Blackbeard’s hideout, the site of his last battle – and his presumed burial place. Head to Teach’s Hole shop and museum for all things pirate. Arrrrr...
Alligator River
This national wildlife refuge protects 150,000 acres of wetland habitats and rare wildlife. Families can take guides canoe tours through the swamps and enjoy interpretive wildlife trails with the rangers. Kids can look out for bear tracks, bald eagles, red wolves, deer… and alligators. Children’s educational programmes run through the summer.
Wright Brothers National Memorial
Kitty Hawk, on the Outer Banks, was the scene of the Wright brothers’ first flight in 1903. The visitors’ centre has replicas of their gliders, and you can walk the length of the flight line, with markets to show where they took off and landed.
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North Carolina family vacations

responsible travel asks the experts

Duncan McCubbin, from North Carolina Tourism, offers travel advice for active families: “If you look in the mountains there are no end of things going on. There is mountain biking, kayaking, white water rafting – for all levels. There is a place called Sliding Rock, for example, where over the years the water has created a natural rock slide which is 60 foot long into an 8 foot deep pool. You can go there for the day and spend all day just sliding down this rock into a deep, freshwater pool. It’s very family orientated; there are lifeguards on duty so it’s totally safe for families.”
Arthur Campbell, from our supplier Spring House Farm, originally moved to North Carolina because he thought it would be the perfect place for his own son to grow up. He shares his tips for North Carolina family vacations: “There’s gem mining here, and gold mining that the kids love – there are several places around where the kids can go. They have a sluice, so you buy a bucket of sand and the sluice comes down in front of you and you put your bucket of sand in the water and wash it off. You can find minerals like rubies and sapphires and citrine, all kinds of things – you can find some really big gems.”
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