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responsible travel's North Carolina snapshots

Photo credits: [Bodie lighthouse: John Bule] [Cardinal: Ken Thomas] [Black bears: Lee Coursey] [Charlotte: Riction] [Stilted house in the sea: Don McCullough] [Biltmore Estate: David McSpadden] [Seaside sunset : Allison Donnelly] [Coloured houses: Dan Zen] [Smoky Mountains: Lee Coursey] [Surfer, Buxton: Sinead Friel] [Linville Falls: Carolyn] [Powwow: woodleywonderworks] [Kayaking: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District] [Sunrise at a lake: John] [Horses on beach, outer Banks: erin hinebaugh] [Mt Cameerer: David Siu]
Written by Vicki Brown
Photo credits: [Page banner: Dave Allen Photography]