Things to do in Slovenia

Family frolics – and fantasy

Whatever the activity, Slovenia lets you and your family do it in spectacular settings. The magnificent Julian Alps provides climbs, hikes and biking trails to tempt the most adventurous teens, such as the steep 1,500m descent from Mount Vogel down to Lake Bohinj. In the west, gorgeous-coloured pristine mountain rivers dive into awesome valleys through rapids offering some of Europe's best white-water rafting, as well as canyoning.

Ease up on the pace beside lakes like Bled and Bohinj, where lakeside paths provide perfect terrain for easy cycling. Horsey kids, meanwhile, can choose between riding the white stallions of one of the world's most majestic breeds or little Icelandic horses. Oh, and did we mention that Slovenia has one of Europe's longest and highest zip wires?

It's a great place to get imaginations working as well as muscles. Thousands of years of evocative history ranges from Neanderthal and early human times to 20th century wartimes. And history's never dull when places to be explored include Europe's largest cave system, witchcraft-linked medieval castles and historic towns out of a colourful fantasy.
Sitting at the nexus of different European regions has given Slovenia a rich tapestry of history and cultures, from Neanderthal to Communist via medieval and baroque.

An ancient tapestry

Its awesome caves gave up humanity's oldest known musical instrument. Castles and churches fashioned from the 11th century on beckon in superb settings. Towns like Ljubljana, Celje and Ptuj are architectural jewels dating back to Roman times. And don't miss remarkable WW1 sites around Kobarid. Slovenia may be small – but its history is vast.

Savouring Slovenia

From Adriatic coast to the Julian Alps, and from the vineyards of the rocky Karst to the rolling wheat fields by the Hungarian border, Slovenia's diversity of climates, landscapes and terroirs creates rich foodie micro-regions with distinctive traditions and specialities. Italian and Balkan influences are complemented by peasant recipes still served at farmhouse tables. Street snacks include burek (savoury pastries) and kranjska klobasa (spicy sausages), while restaurants contrast schnitzels (zrezek) with local ravioli, and fantastic sea and river fish. Desserts include ˛truklji (fruit dumplings) and prekmurska gibanica, a delicious local cheesecake.

Slovenia also boasts excellent distinctive wines: bold red Teran made with Refosk grapes, great with local ham (prsut); sophisticated Mediterranean vintages from lovely Goriska Brda; unique amphora-aged amber wines. Local spirits include superb fruit schnapps and gin-like brinovec, while beer lovers should try the Guinness-like stout temno pivo. Specialist food and wine tours bring you closer to this land and its incredible produce.
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Slovenia is picture-perfect year-round.

Snap happy

Wintry Slovenia is spectacular – frozen waterfalls, misty lakes with island churches, clifftop castles, snowy peaks changing colours in low sunlight. In the Julian Alps, you can snap gorges, rushing rivers and moody WWI remnants – or grab a shot of the elusive Alpine ibex. Autumn spreads Technicolor from Italianate coast to mountains. And under dark rural skies, capture galaxies and star trails. Human life is a great subject too, from picturesque villages to historic townscapes.
Written by Norman Miller
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