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With a strong commitment to small-scale sustainable tourism, we work with our partner, the Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation, to support low-income rural cooperatives in Sri Lanka: toddy tappers, mask makers, organic fruit farmers and conservationists.

Our transport is by trains, buses, boats and bicycles; we stay as guests in local homes; eat home-cooked Sri Lanka cuisines, and find plenty of time to relax and enjoy ourselves on the way. There'll be the chance for mangrove walks, forest treks, fishing in catamarans, spout baths, cooking and most of all - absorbing the sublime atmosphere, and warmth and generosity of Sri Lankan people.

Ours is the antithesis of mass tourism - we don't churn people on and off coaches. Founded and led by Kumar (who was born and brought up in Sri Lanka), we're more concerned about giving you the chance to see Sri Lanka for real and giving local people the respect and support they deserve.
Member since: 03 Jan 2003

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Kumar, the owner and tour guide, is Sri Lankan (although he resides in New York) and everyone involved in the tour is from Sri Lanka - both Sinhalese and Tamil.

Good, clean accommodation will be provided in the homes of local people or in local hotels. Delicious home-cooked curries and fresh tropical fruits will be prepared by your hosts or by our own cooks.

Environmental responsibility

By staying with local Sri Lankans, travellers will participate in lifestyles that are themselves sustainable we'll eat locally produced, and largely organic foods, bathe in spout baths and waterfalls; use local transport including three wheelers, bicycles and bullock carts; cook dinner with local fishermen; visit local environmental projects.

We operate from Kumar's house and don't own or use a car.

Social responsibility

Our tours are designed in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation to ensure that we visit local projects and support the communities we are visiting.

All hosts and homestays are local, shopping will be done in local towns and markets.

Pre-travel packs will be provided in advance of each tour.

Kumar is an Indian-Sri Lankan based in the UK - he knows his destination and his travellers well. A childhood on a homestead followed by studies in sustainable agriculture brought him closer to S. Asia's land and people - his hands-on, ethical tours reflect this.
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