Preseli Venture

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Preseli Venture is an outdoor adventure provider on the beautiful Pembrokeshire National Park coastline in Wales – providing awesome adventure events and comfy lodge accommodation.
Member since: 28 Mar 2008

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Preseli Venture endeavors to be an economic force for sustainable use of wilderness areas, employing local people and supporting local environmental causes.
  • We are founder members of the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group, which exists to develop sustainable environmental growth in the rapidly expanding outdoor activity industry in the county of Pembrokeshire.
  • Our staff aim to pass on their knowledge about the importance and diversity of Pembrokeshire’s natural environments and minimise disturbance to wildlife during activities.

Environmental responsibility

  • Environmentally responsible building and living practices are a strong theme; all heat and hot water will be supplied by a ground source heat pump, electricity will be sourced on a green tariff, and a planned hot tub will be solar powered.
  • Our environmental ethos is made clear on our website and on our marketing materials, so we hope to attract visitors who wish to learn more about the natural environment in the Pembrokeshire coast National Park.
  • On a day-to-day level we recycle paper, plastic, computer peripherals, glass and cans, as well as composting food waste.

Social responsibility

  • 4 part time members of staff are employed in hospitality and a plethora of local freelance instructors.
  • All of our fruit and vegetables are sourced from a local greengrocer, and we use Welsh seasonal fruit and veg wherever possible.
  • We aim to share our passion for the outdoors and for our beautiful county with all of our clients, and imbue them with an understanding of, and a commitment to, the ethos that our enjoyment of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park must be in a sustainable manner.

Low carbon:
The eco lodge is completely ‘No carbon’ in that no fossil fuels are used for running the lodge – except for a very small amount of gas (propane) which is used in the gas cooker hob in the lodge kitchen. All the heating and hot water is provided by the following: Ground source heat pump with hot water also provided by an array of solar panels. There are 2 arrays of photovoltaic panels to generate electricity which powers the heat pump. Electricity is also source from the grid via Ecotricity (electricity sourced from renewable energy) We reduce the lodge electricity consumption by fitting LED lights and in bathrooms and hallways the lights are on sensors. We encourage our guests to travel to Pembrokeshire, Wales by train into our local train station – we offer train station transfers (on certain popular times) for free using our minibuses. The activities we run from the lodge are all low carbon – the only fossil fuel required is to run the minibuses which take the group from the eco lodge to the nearby beach/harbour on the coast – which is carbon efficient as only one vehicle is required rather than each person in their own car. We use rainwater to wash the outdoor kit. We recycle everything including food waste.