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Cape Insights organises special interest tours, predominantly around the Cape, led by a cross-section of specialist lecturers from a variety of environments – cultural, historical, natural and built. Their deeply focused expertise and unsurpassed local knowledge is our distinguishing difference, while accredited local guides look after the practicalities and accompany all tours.

Itineraries are crafted with enormous attention to detail, pace and variety for intentionally small groups of curious and discerning travellers. We are a niche provider of informed and in-depth cultural and educational tours in the fields of Architecture, Craft Art, Gastronomy, History , Archaeology.
Member since: 17 Sep 2008

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We support only local initiatives; family run hotels chosen for their warmth of welcome and charm, and owner managed restaurants that offer seasonal produce and regional wines. We offer participation in interactive workshops wherever possible, such as the uniquely African genre of wire art on the Craft Art tour, a Cape Malay cooking experience on the Gastronomy tour or the opportunity to drum on all the tours.
  • We select preferred service providers that are local and owner managed, such as for our transport. In our links we seek similarly-minded associates who share our vision such as Mogalakwena Artist’s Retreat. Believing in the principles of abundance and co-operation, we offer our web based hub for the beneficiation of all involved with Cape Insights, while supporting others who subscribe to our ethical principles.
  • Operationally, we subscribe to an ethical code of conduct with our portfolio of lecturers most of whom are local, and guides - all of whom are local and officially accredited by South African standards. We practise fair trade policies particularly in respect of salaries, paying above the industry norm. We uphold high delivery standards and train wherever required, since our undertaking to our clients is 'seamless service and attention to detail'. We passionately advocate raising the tourism industry bar and the upskilling this involves - as well as taking responsibility for the upliftment and awareness this challenge requires.

Environmental responsibility

  • We uphold the philosophy of giving back, making a voluntary donation to Food and Trees for Africa, calculated on the carbon footprint accumulated by each visitor's journey to, from and within South Africa via its award winning Trees for Homes and National Tree Distribution programme.
  • We are linked to Friends of Conservation for alternative ways to participate in projects that either extract CO2 from the atmosphere, reduce harmful emissions entering it, or protect wildlife and bring benefit to communities.
  • We endorse the South Africa Sustainability Seafood Initiative (SASSI), abiding by their approved seafood guidelines when making selections on clients’ behalf. We support The Biodiversity and Wine Initiative which aims to apply biodiversity guidelines to the wine industry and minimise further loss to threatened natural habitats, preferentially choosing its members when selecting which wine estates to visit.

Social responsibility

  • We are a member of the Open Africa network of Afrikatourism, a collaborative movement linking the splendours of Africa in a network of tourism routes from Cape to Cairo, with the aim of creating jobs in synergy with conservation, under the patronage of Nelson Mandela.
  • We support Fair Trade in Tourism in South Africa (FTTSA) which is based on fair share, democracy, respect, reliability, transparency and sustainability, and its members wherever possible. We seek out initiatives such as !Khwa ttu San Cultural and Educational Centre that highlights issues facing minority cultures, Solms Delta museum for its oral history focus, Grootbos private nature reserve for its dedication to the Cape Floral Kingdom and eco tourism benchmarking, and Bushmans Kloof wilderness retreat for highlighting San culture.
  • As a principle, we contextualise the historical, geographic and social background regardless of the specific focus of a tour, we select pertinent nuggets to inform their free time choices and include guidelines such as the Golden rules.

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