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Cyclomundo is a one-of-a-kind travel company offering a diverse array of self-guided, guided, customized ‘à la carte vacations’, and cyclo sportive trips for independent riders, families, friends, or groups in virtually all regions of France as well as some regions in the neighbouring countries of Spain and Italy.

Based in France, Cyclomundo was born out of its founder’s life-long love of cycling and emanates the philosophy of utilizing local experts who have a love and passion for sharing their cultural, regional, historical, and gastronomic heritage with visitors and guests, as well as adhering to the concept of sustainable development, and the overall premise of having good, clean fun and adventure while travelling by bike!
Member since: 23 Sep 2008

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We help sustain local economies by relying on local guides and family-owned hotels. Forget the non-descript and indistinguishable big chain hotels; we use genuine places with local charm. Most of the properties we choose are family-run, ranging from actual farmhouses, to converted B&B homes and chateaux, to wine-making estates.
  • For the picnics on all our tours we buy local produce from local markets and suppliers. We also recommend travellers to purchase goods from local shop owners and craftsmen. Restaurants and bike suppliers are chosen from a network of local suppliers.
  • As firm believers of sustainable development, we have established a friendly network of professionals, comprised mainly of local tour guides, small operators, and family-run agencies. Most of our people have created their own jobs/enterprises in order to live their passion for the region and cultural heritage. All have extensive travel experience and have lived in various places before falling in love with the area they now call home.

Environmental responsibility

  • All accommodation we use is also judged on its environmental criteria the majority of which recycle and use low energy lighting. If we find that an accommodation does not recycle we will take it off the itinerary. We minimize the use of mailing and prints to recycled paper. Recycle paper, printer cartridges, and batteries.
  • We ensure our guests understand how to travel in a respectful manner of local people and culture by using pollution-free bikes and issuing our travellers tips to all guests.
  • We allow employees and interns to work remotely from home. All employees are give a bike to travel into the office and we recommend taking trains over cars as they are more energy-efficient and minimize CO2 emissions by capita.

Social responsibility

  • By supporting local advocacy groups like Pro-Velo and Eco-Cycle here is Geneva and Transportation Alternatives in New York City.
  • We employ interns from local schools giving students work experience and an opportunity to become involved in the travel industry.
  • Support employees’ initiatives that help improve sustainability, cut energy costs, and contribute to lower CO2 emissions.

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