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We offer Life Change Programmes, developed and delivered by experienced professionals. If youíre facing a major life change or wanting to make one, or donít feel that youíre making the most of life...this is for you.

Programmes are delivered as part of a life enhancing holiday experience in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. The Company is committed to having a positive effect on itís host country. By making their own Life Change, clients help to change another life. 5% of the cost of each Programme is donated to a local Childrenís Home.

Programmes include 3 months dedicated follow up by e-mail from your individual Life Change Practitioner.
Member since: 06 Jan 2009

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Clients will stay in one of our four partner hotels in Chiang Mai. Each of these small hotels is Thai owned and the majority of staff employed are local. Each of our partner hotels contributes to their local temple, makes charitable donations to the Vieng Ping home and other charities of their choice and employs and trains local staff.
  • The majority of trips will be of an individual nature, and will be escorted by Son, a member of our company who is himself local and is also a registered tour guide.
  • The Life Change People will donate 5% of the profit from each Programme to the Vieng Ping Childrens Home. This facility cares for children living with HIV infection, and any other children whose parents have died or who cannot care for them. As well as providing residential care, they support local fostering placements, and involve children in education and work training placements.

Environmental responsibility

  • We support local initiatives aimed at preventing the use of plastic bags and collect bottles, tin and paper for recycling. We inform our guests about ways in which they can support their hotels and the local community by not wasting water.
  • Our guests are either individuals or couples, and we restrict our number of guests to 4 at any one time. This allows us to provide a meaningful support programme for each individual as well as minimising harmful affects on the environment. Chiang Mai does have a traffic problem. It is a very small city, enabling a lot of sightseeing to be done on foot. We provide walking routes and maps for our guests.
  • The Life Change People support local initiatives aimed at preserving and caring for the elephant population. Visits to elephant camps and sanctuaries are available as part of several packages and can also be arranged by request. We particularly recommend and arrange trips to the elephant Nature Park, which is run by award winning conservationist, Lek Sangduen Chailert, which allows visitors to observe and help care for elephants in their natural environment.

Social responsibility

  • All trips offered by the Life Change People are selected on the basis that they are of benefit to the people of Chiang Mai. This could be through providing employment, protecting wildlife, selling local crafts or promoting the history and culture of the area.
  • The Life Change People make voluntary contributions during visits to; temples, local museums, cultural centres and the Elephant Nature Park. We also buy information and guide books produced by local temples and distribute them to our guests during trips.
  • We encourage our guests to use local buses and tuk-tuks when travelling around Chiang Mai and make them aware of what they can expect to pay for particular journeys. While a degree of price negotiation is acceptable, we are keen to encourage our guests to pay fairly. We introduce our guests to local markets and other street food venues and advise them about local specialities. On trips, local food is always provided, usually bought from stalls on the way.

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