Green World Holidays

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Green World Holidays is a specialist Tour Operator offering a highly personal travel services, bringing like minded families together. We offer a wide variety of adventure holidays, perfect for children and teenagers. Our holidays are designed to offer guests a combination of multi sports, and showing them the true essence of the country they are visiting
Member since: 20 Jan 2009

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Vamos Travel works with local agencies – that all source services from local providers – whether this is for private transportation, accommodation or excursions. Over the years Vamos Travel has been operating, we have seen economies boom, especially in our markets in Eastern Europe.
  • We are the only sports agency in the area of Tolmin which organises and provides active holidays. Our work is a big contribution to economic state of Tolmin, as we offer cooperation and income to everybody, working in tourism in close or distant surroundings (hotel, rooms, apartments, pension, camps, restaurants, bars, shops…).
  • There are 30 persons employed in our agency (guides, drivers, office girls), 90% from local surroundings (four of them are full employed, others are students and they work through Student agency). In this way we help to minimize brain- drain from small towns to the capital. We are giving an opportunity to the youth for study and later work in tourism.

Environmental responsibility

  • Vamos Travel does not believe in printed brochures. In the digital age, we provide clients with word documents & PDFs directly to their e-mail if required. In our own offices we use recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible. We use an electronic booking system and we make a conscious decision to minimize the use of our printing facilities. We re-cycle our office paper, and also; tins, bottles, jars & plastics in the kitchen.
  • Care of the environment is one of our main concerns, as we want our descendants to enjoy unspoiled nature as we do today. Every year we organize last weekend in March on Saturday free cleaning action 'CLEAN SOCA RIVER AND ITS BANKS'.
  • We educate groups who stay in Tolmin one week at welcome briefings and during their stay here. We fight against development of mass tourism in our town and we wish to increase the quality of our offer. We do not support building plenty of hotels, but small hotels, family pensions and apartments. We have limited number of people on activities and per day.

Social responsibility

  • We love our destinations and the people that live there, so it is important to Vamos Travel that they also enjoy the social & cultural exchanges with our clients. Whenever asked & whenever possible, we like to help in local charities and support good causes. Since Vamos Travel began – we have dedicated a web page to Chernobyl charities.
  • We also organize open door days and invite children from kinder gardens to get acquainted with our work, equipment and attitude towards nature. We arrange and provide special programmes for schools how to survive in nature – how to make meals, make a fire, a campsite, search for food, to orienteer.
  • For guests and local people we organize various fun events, where guests have a chance to meet locals and our way of living. Every week we prepare cheese and cottage tasting from our pastures around Tolmin, where produce origin cheese Tolminec and Slovenian wine tasting at top-level restaurant in the area. We invite guest to visit eco market on Saturday with local products.