St Hilda Sea Adventures

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Sail-away voyages around the spectacular coastline of sea lochs and islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides – their very names are evocative and conjure up the wildness and beauty of Western Scotland: St Kilda, Barra, Mull, Jura , Islay, Arran, the beautiful Kyles of Bute are just a few. Wildlife is everywhere, with many marine mammals and rare birdlife, especially sea eagles. Our classic, ex-Tall Ship vessel, the St Hilda, is a traditional, 54ft wooden ketch which has roomy accommodation for up to 6 guests - an en-suite double and 4 comfortable single berths. Travelers sail, relax and/or simply mess about on the water. The deck saloon is perfect for viewing wildlife, the spectacular scenery and relaxing and dining.
Member since: 23 Feb 2009

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We only employ the services of the local marina, shops, services, restaurants and guides. These suppliers all employ local staff.
  • We encourage our guests to visit see locally important heritage sites, visit local Botanical Gardens, craft shops, restaurants and participate in cultural events.
  • All airport, ferry boats, marine staff and bus travel are run by and employ local people.

    Environmental responsibility

  • We offer training in sailing and navigation and how to behave in a responsible manner to the animals (seal colonies) and birds (especially breeding colonies) that we encounter.
  • Our onboard policy is that all rubbish is brought ashore and we have a strict recycling policy of all non-organic waste.
  • Our trips start and finish at or close to railway stations (Gourock) and bus stations (Dunoon); this makes it easy for our guests to travel to the Holy Loch Marina by rail, bus and ferry and we provide them with information which will encourage them to use public transport.

    Social responsibility

  • Our skipper is a qualified professional who has written books about the sea and the need to respect it. He is also an author of a book on the negative impact of industrial pollution on rivers: “Tyne Waters: a river and its salmon”
  • Our local guides, when used, introduce our clients to the local community, giving insight into the history and culture. We also provide pre-trip information, about the region.

    A small company run by Michael, the skipper, owner and devotee of wooden sailing boats, also a marine biology expert, with his French partner, Colette, also a wonderful French cook. It's like sailing with coolest, kindest and brightest teachers ever.
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