Undiscovered Mountains

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Specialists in adventure and multi activity holidays in the wild and undiscovered area around the Ecrins National Park in the Southern French Alps.

We have developed close links with the local guides and residents, so we can help you find the hidden gems of the area. We've done the research, so you can concentrate on enjoying your adventures.

We have got a variety of accommodation, from converted chateaux to camping, and can even arrange a night in a hammock in the woods, or, if you are here in winter, you can always sleep in an igloo!
Member since: 19 Mar 2009

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • All our guides and accommodation providers are local to the area. We donít import foreign guides or use international hotel or accommodation chains unless they are fully committed to supporting the local economy.
  • Currently we have no International chains or suppliers on our books and only work with local accommodation suppliers, food producers and service providers.
  • We pay fees to use the mountain refuges and inform clients that they should not take their own food but pay for meals made by the guardian of the refuge. This ensures sustainability of the refuge system and obviously all food in the refuge is made from local produce thus ensuring that local people benefit throughout.

Environmental responsibility

  • We respect and support local conservation / erosion projects by following guidelines issued by the Ecrins National Park and ensuring our clients are made aware of any specific guidelines that may affect them. E.g. carrying rubbish down from refuges / high mountain walks.
  • All accommodation suppliers are vetted according to their professionalism and their approach to responsible tourism (using local produce, respect for the environment and promoting the culture of the region). Several of the gites have strong environmental criteria with regard to recycling and reducing their environmental impact.
  • We donít print brochures and keep paper use to a minimum in the office preferring electronic distribution as our main means of communication with clients. We provide detailed information on how to behave within the park such as carrying out all litter, no free camping and adhering to the rules of the park.

Social responsibility

  • We include local events that support and promote farming traditions, food production and markets in our itineraries and advice for things to do for our clients to help support the farming community and raise awareness of their culture.
  • We are committed to promoting the culture of the region and ensuring that tourism has a positive impact. Through supporting the refuges and giving clients detailed information about how to behave when in the national park we try to ensure that people behave with respect the environment and local people. This information includes warnings against free camping, ensuring that people eat in the refuges, carry out their litter and adhere to the rules of the park.
  • We are committed to promoting the food of the region and advise people on local delicacies and where they can be purchased. We promote a local organic juice supplier who make Argousier (a local wild berry) and give all clients a bottle when they arrive with information about the berry.

Founded 2005 by Sally, British mountain lover, now married to French and equally passionate Alpinephile, they offer superb service when creating personalised adventure itineraries.