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Abang Africa Travel is a PTY registered specialized local tourism company, based in Cape Town and currently operating in South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Victoria Falls and Mozambique. We have adequate insurance cover in place and will respond to valid personal injury claims made in terms of European Community Directive on Travel and Trade (90/314/EC) relating to the package Holidays and Travel act, 1995. At the Welcome Awards 2008, Abang Africa Travel & Trust were rewarded runner up in the category best tour operator under 5 years; recognizing and honouring our service excellence in the tourism and hospitality industry.
Member since: 20 Apr 2009

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • ABANG AFRICA goes beyond the renowned African highlights in tourism; all tours include an element of guiding the tourists off the beaten tracks, providing the unique possibility of interaction with local people; sharing cultures and traditions and benefiting the local community. All destinations are carefully selected ensuring that the people, whose land, natural resources, labour, knowledge and culture are used for tourism activities, actually benefit from tourism.
  • These projects are selected throughout different countries. People get a real intercultural experience and get familiar with the locals, through skills exchange and leisure activities. The main focus of the projects is on education and job creation; benefiting the local community in a sustainable way. Projects vary from school-, hospital-, wildlife- and sports-projects, business partnerships, farming and HIV-Aids projects, to upgrading ghost mine town.
  • ABANG AFRICA TRAVEL TRUST IT 9139 /06 ABANG AFRICA TRAVEL has been set up by Abang Africa Travel to support tourism related project in southern Africa. Abang Africa Travel redistributes up to 10% of its profit into the Trust. Private donations from visitors and clients can go to the Trust as well. The Trust and trustees administer funds and assets for the projects, for assurance of sustainable development of the projects. Financing of coordination and matching volunteers and if needed training and/or training consultants for the projects will ideally be derived from (external) subsidies, to be derived for the Trust. Projects in need of financial, training or consulting support can apply with the Trust. The board of trustees, volunteers and travelers can give input and feedback on which project and what amount will be redistributed.
  • ABANG AFRICA TRAVEL and the Trust work on transfer of knowledge to people in the projects by forwarding volunteers and/or consultants/ guides with skills and specific qualifications to projects with specific needs.

    Environmental responsibility

  • ABANG AFRICA TRAVEL pledges a commitment of responsibility to preserve the environment and natural wonders of Southern Africa for future generations to enjoy. We cooperate with destinations that adopt good social and environmental practices which contribute to the conservation of Africa’s wildlife, habitats and natural resources, improving the experience for travellers and the living standards of local communities.
  • Were applicable and possible we inform and educate tourists on Sustainable tourism practices, Fair Trade, Fair Trade in Tourism and positive impact within the communities and environs. We promote the inclusion of World Heritage Sites in itineraries as well as Wildlife and Nature parks as part of awareness rising with regards to Natural and Cultural heritage and conservation.
  • We support Food & Trees for Africa by including their brochures in the travel packages and calculating the distances travelled; with the suggestion to clients to offset carbon emissions locally via FOOD & TREES for Africa. IFAW ( International Fund for Animal Welfare) and Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) are supported by including their Consumer Seafood Pocket guide in the voucher booklets
  • To ensure creditworthy, tours and accommodations offered are, where available and applicable, accredited by Fair trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) or Namibian Community Based Tourism Association (NACOBTA), Heritage Environmental Rating Programme or Natural Step.

    Social responsibility

  • Projects and itineraries are carefully selected following Responsible Tourism Guidelines, ensuring that the people whose land and knowledge are used benefit from tourism. We contribute to the benefit of the local community through sustainable tourism.
  • We support local income generation by supporting locally owned shops and restaurants. Destinations with sustainable and responsible policies are used. When contracting of destinations these policies are requested and promoted.
  • We use locally owned, responsibly run accommodations and excursions by preference. We support the communities by promoting the use of local guides for all types of excursions. Our guides promote sustainable, Fairtrade & responsible tourism. Towards destinations they visit, the people they meet & the tourists they travel with.

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