John Gray

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A pioneering Ecotourism business model, “Natural History by Sea Kayak Since 1983” describes John Gray’s SeaCanoe “Always Original” educational adventures in Thailand, Vietnam, Hawai’i, Philippines, and South Pacific. From charters to incentives, JGSC “Put You In Your Own Documentary” trips are often called “A Spiritual, Life-Changing Experience”. Top-quality food, International Standard local guides/ equipment and efficient itineraries create Added-Value Nature experiences. Tropical Kayaking certification classes also available.
Member since: 09 Apr 2003

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

JGSC offers exceptional Added Value, Truth in Advertising and well-paid Salaried Career Guides and support staff at competitive prices.

We maintain “Natural History By Sea Kayak” quality at the lowest possible price so families with children can enjoy our learning trips.

95% of income stays in our host cities (limited international advertising and equipment acquisitions are our only outside expenses.)

Environmental responsibility

JGSC always puts environmental conservation before business considerations. Career staff are educated in conservation and limited volume concepts and believe in our “No Touching, No Talking, No Souvenirs” policy.

We engage in daily ocean and beach clean-ups and educate our competitors' staff in conservation. We believe in Zero-impact in pristine sites, and do not leave even footprints.

John Gray is a wildlife rehabber for over 50 years, rehabbing and releasing literally hundreds of raptors and other animals. “Caveman” is a frequent Convention and Seminar keynote speaker in Environmental and Cultural Conservation.

Social responsibility

JGSC pioneers worker's rights, local education and actualization, enlightened human resources, National Park protection and conservation.

We maintain Western Standard business ethics in Asian business environments and do not pay corruption.

Cultural and environmental conservation are equally balanced, and JGSC is a leader in this area, including the early days of the Polynesian Renaissance in the late 1970's.

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