Journey Latin America

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Since 1980 Journey Latin America has been booking holidays to Central and South America. We offer small group tours and tailor-made itineraries, from the top of Mexico to the tip of Antarctica. Every one of our 70 staff has lived, worked or travelled the region and are able to offer practical advice based on personal experience. With almost 30 years dealing exclusively with Latin America we pride ourselves on our knowledge and passion for the area and can devise itineraries specific to the client.
Member since: 11 May 2009

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Our group trips use public transport where possible, stay in small individual properties rather than large internationally-owned hotels and eat in local restaurants serving locally grown produce.
  • We actively seek out, promote and work with eco-lodges in rural and jungle areas, many of which double as environmental research centres.
  • Where possible, we work with small privately owned ground agents who live in the area, have established RT policies in place, and employ local guides and staff.
  • Currently our chosen climate carbon offset funded project replaces diesel generators with solar panels in rural schools and public buildings in Panama, trains the community to install and maintain them and consequently offers a sustainable form of employment and self-sufficiency for local communities.

    Environmental responsibility

    • As well as offsetting carbon emissions on all staff travel, we actively encourage our clients to offset their emissions through our chosen scheme TICOS (Tourism Industry Carbon Offset Scheme). Clients are asked to make a voluntary contribution based on the distance travelled and amount of carbon produced which is then invested in projects which alleviate poverty whilst aiming to reduce carbon emissions.
    • Our group trips are always small in size (max 20 people) which helps to minimise the impact on delicate environments, and in Peru, we actively promote alternative options to the over-used Inca Trail.
    • In our office, all paper that is received or produced by the company is recycled, as are our toner cartridges, unused brochures etc.

      Social responsibility

      Journey Latin America has hand-picked several small local charities which we support on an ongoing basis. Our consistent commitment helps them to plan for long-term development, as well as meet their immediate needs and can really help to make a difference to the communities and environments that they support. Some of the charities we support are:

      • The Dental Project Peru - providing emergency dental care and education to the most impoverished and rural areas of Peru.
      • Safe Passage - working with children that live within Guatemala city's rubbish dump
      • CREA - an environmental charity that helps poor farmers to use better farming methods.
      • Our ground agents and tour leaders (all of whom are either from Latin America or fluent in Spanish and Portuguese) are encouraged to monitor the community projects and local charities which we currently support, and to research new initiatives for potential future involvement.

        A Latin America specialist whose founders met while teaching in Rio in the 1970s. Their award-winning tour leaders speak fluent Spanish and/or Portuguese, and their knowledge rivals guide books.