Blue Ventures

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Blue ventures is an award winning uk-based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to facilitating projects that enhance global coral reef conservation and research. Since its creation blue ventures has co-ordinated marine projects in Madagascar, Tanzania, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Comoros Islands. Blue ventures sets up and manages projects attended by paying volunteers. This research will aid and promote the management of coral reef ecosystems, which act as a vital resource for coastal communities in the host countries
Member since: 09 Apr 2003

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Economic responsibility

Owing to financial and logistical restrictions within madagascar (the site of blue ventures' current research), the local marine institutes have been unable to collect any baseline data to describe the status, health or biodiversity of the reefs.

Blue ventures provides equipment, financial support and personnel to enable this to happen.

Environmental responsibility

Blue Ventures' mission is to enhance the marine conservation capabilities of developing countries through the organisation of collaborative marine research and conservation projects.

Blue Ventures volunteers will gather the data needed to develop sustainable local environmental management plans for the reef systems.

Considering current potential threats to the reef system of sw madagascar and as a priority within the framework of the national strategy for conservation of biodiversity in madagascar, it is now crucial that this data is gathered as a matter of extreme urgency, for use in local environmental management plans.

Blue Ventures projects therefore not only fall within this framework but also fulfill one of the priorities of the international coral reef initiative (unep & iucn), which is to improve the amount and availability of data on coral reefs in the west indian ocean.

Social responsibility

Blue Ventures works with governmental institutions, local ngo's and local malagasy in order to focus on improving the quality of life of the local communities who depend on these marine resources, while maintaining the biological diversity, sustainability and productivity of the reefs.

Volunteers help with seminars and workshops aimed at educating the local villagers, schools, and fishermen in tropical marine conservation issues. furthermore, blue ventures' work with these local businesses, schools, ngo's, and governmental organisations, aims to develop skilled coastal management practitioners in the area who will be able to catalyse, lead and manage the future sustainability of the project.

Blue Ventures provides scientific, methodological and scuba training to local personnel in order to enhance community involvement in the project.

Data will be gathered over three years by the blue ventures volunteers, working closely with local marine biologists, students and fishermen. blue ventures estimates that this on-going project will be completely managed by malagasy staff within those three years.

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