Buen Viaje Tours

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Un Buen Viaje! is a small group tour company leading tours in Nicaragua. Our focus is on the people, culture and history of Nicaragua. We plan our tours around national holidays and local festivals, as well as give our participants the option to choose the time of year that works best for them. Our groups are small (4-6 people), this allows us to travel by taxi, bus, and boat, just as the locals do. We want, not just to take people off the beaten path, but lead them deeper into the country regardless of how much, or little, time they have to spend traveling.
Member since: 05 Dec 2012

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We aim to:

  • conduct our business in a way that raises awareness of Responsible Tourism and economic good practice among tour participants, suppliers, and local communities;
  • contribute economically to local communities by purchasing locally grown/produced products where possible, and patronize restaurants and shops which economically benefit local communities (i.e., paying a fair wage, providing safe and healthy working conditions, produce products in a way that minimizes environmental degradation);
  • use, where possible, locally-owned accommodation rather than large international chains. This ensures that as much tourist revenue as possible remains in Nicaragua; intentionally avoid the traits of ‘mass tourism’ such as organized shopping stops, dining exclusively at hotel restaurants, and sightseeing from large buses. We believe small group tourism is more economically beneficial to local communities;

    Environmental responsibility

    We aim to:

    • conduct our business in a way that minimizes negative environmental impacts and raises awareness of Responsible Tourism and environmental good practice among clients, suppliers, and local communities;
    • strive to minimize waste (particularly plastic) in all our activities, and recycle where practical, in addition have a zero litter policy on all our tours;
    • favor locally-owned accommodations which have an environmental policy in place, which addresses issues such as, re-using towels and sheets, electricity and water usage, waste management;
    • encourage our tour participants, suppliers and local communities to minimize energy consumption (e.g., turn off lights, air conditioning, computers, TVs, when not is use);

      Social responsibility

      We aim to:

      • continually source and promote community-based tourism, environmental, and other ‘good cause’ works in progress which our clients may visit. Many of our tours include options to visit local schools, orphanages, handicraft producers (often employing disadvantaged social groups), animal sanctuaries, centres for former street children;
      • form partnerships with and support NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) which are working in the area of local community/social development/empowerment, and allow our tour participants to learn more about this work and visit areas of progress where practical;
      • contribute, annually, a percentage of our profits to a community-based, locally-run organization working towards a better future for all Nicaraguans. This annual commitment allows us to develop long-term relationships in Nicaragua and engage our travelers on a personal level by visiting works in progress;
      • e-mail a travel tips sheet to all tour participants before they arrive, providing them with guidelines on how to travel responsibly when visiting.